1 Authors notes.

If u are looking for the story skip this. The next chapter is where it starts.


So I decided to write a reylo fan fiction novel as I'm stuck at home and have nothing to do. I got inspired to do this recently ad I have read many reylo novels but I have never done my own.

And I would like to say thank u for anyone that reads this as u never thought I am that good at writing. i am slo from the UK so bare with any words that are different in ur country.

If I make any spelling mistakes let me know in the comments as I am bad at typing.

The first few chapters are basically me just experimenting with my writing and different techniques. I'm my opinion, they are not as good as the ones after chapter 11. But I refuse to rewrite them.


Love u guys! And thank u reading! 😘 -Rosesarethebeauty

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