55 Chapter 55: Not Useless

"Don't laugh at him. He might be a homeless orphan who found some old clothes of someone in a dumpster or something," the woman replied to her son. "There are many like him. Just ignore him."

She continued walking while holding her son's arm. 

Lucifer heard the child's words and gazed at his clothes. It was right. He did think he looked odd. He once again shifted his blank gaze towards the child-sized mannequin that had clothed that was going to fit him perfectly. 

He started walking towards the shop instead. 

Just as he was walking towards the doors, another person was walking in his direction. 

It was a young red-haired man who was wearing a green t-shirt and black pants. He had donned a black coat over his clothes that had a Red Eagle Symbol on the chest. The man seemed to be in his mid-twenties only. 

Lucifer stepped closer to the shop and reached out his hand to open the door, but to his surprise, the doors slid to the side on their own as soon as he got near.

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