1 Young Girl Cultivating Immortality

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It was a hot summer.

In a certain small village, Wei Chi was anxiously searching the town. He needed to find his first sect disciple.

But after a while, his eyes lit up.

In front of Wei Chi was a young girl carrying firewood. The young girl looked to be 12 or 13 years old. Her complexion was dark, and her expression was muddled. However, her innate fire spirit root was actually as high as the sixth grade.

Well, from the looks of it, she needed to be rescued now.

"Young girl," Wei Chi walked over and spoke with a smile.

"Young Master?" Shen Qinghan looked at the young man in front of her in a daze. The young man's features were delicate and pretty, and there was some light in his eyes. With a single glance, one could tell that he was a noble.

However, why did he come to find her?

"Young girl, do you occasionally feel that your life is powerless? There are even times when you can't sleep," Wei Chi said with a serious expression.

"Yes..." Shen Qinghan was stunned.

"Young girl, do you feel oppressed and bullied by many people around you?" Wei Chi asked again.

"Yes." Shen Qinghan's eyes began to change.

"Young girl, now there is an opportunity in front of you. Do you want to grab the opportunity to become an immortal?" Wei Chi touched his nonexistent beard.

"This... I don't really want it. I still have to chop wood," Shen Qinghan answered with a dilemma.

"Hehe, do you want to stay young forever?" Wei Chi threw out his trump card.

"Please accept me as your disciple!" Shen Qinghan instantly knelt down to Wei Chii.

Could it be that after suffering for so many years, she could finally find an expert? This was really not easy!

Wei Chi said, "I've lived for so many years, and I still can't deal with a little girl like you."

Then, he hurriedly helped her up. "Come with me, I have something to show you."

"What is it?" Shen Qinghan was confused.

"You'll know when you arrive," Wei Chi said mysteriously.

A few days later.

Shen Qinghan wondered if she had been deceived. When she saw a dilapidated cottage, she was a little afraid!

Fear appeared in her dark eyes, and she was about to cry.

'Immortal Ascension Sect'

This was the name of this sect, and the young man who had brought her here was the master of this sect.

She looked around and saw that there was really no one around. Shen Qinghan could even see some birds' feces dropping.

Oh my god…

This was really a martial art sect.

Wei Chi had already changed into a set of sect master's clothes. It was loose, and it looked as though it had just been dug out.

He stood on a rock with a peach wood sword in his hand.

He played with the peach wood sword for a while. When Wei Chi saw that Shen Qinghan was dumbstruck, he calmed down for a while.

"I know you're confused now, and you might think that I'm a bad person," Wei Chi said.

Could he be a bad person?

This was a bad person!

'Why did this man lie to her to come to this wilderness? Don't tell me... Don't tell me you have bad intentions toward me?'

Shen Qinghan's little face was a bit dark and red, and she was a little nervous.

At this moment, Shen Qinghan was like a little pickled egg.

"From today onwards, you are a disciple of the Immortal Ascension Sect!" Wei Chi took out a secret manual from his back.

In a daze, Shen Qinghan hurried to accept it.

She looked down and said, "The Art of Immortality."


It was really a straightforward name.

"I don't need to explain too much, but believe me, you'll know once you practice this cultivation technique." Wei Chi's expression was unfathomable.

"Okay!" Shen Qinghan was troubled.

Wei Chi said, "You look so reluctant!"

"Don't worry, the food is in the thatched cottage by the side. This is your first test, if you can't even learn this technique," Wei Chi said.


"Then, do you still want to stay young forever?"

"I advise you to go back."

Wei Chi raised his head slightly and looked down at the girl in front of him.

Shen Qinghan was still very doubtful at first, but after hearing Wei Chi say this, she instantly became serious!


"Qinghan is learning now!"

As she said this, she also flipped open the secret manual in a dignified manner and immediately meditated and obediently began to learn.

"This child is worth teaching." Wei Chi was satisfied.

And in Shen Qinghan's peripheral vision, Wei Chi's hands behind his back crushed a jade talisman, and his body instantly disappeared from the spot.

Shen Qinghan was shocked!

She hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed. "Senior Sect Master, take care!"

She really had the opportunity to enter the immortal sect, and this young man whose name she didn't know was her senior sect master!

Thus, she really had to cultivate properly, and she absolutely couldn't let her senior sect master down!

Shen Qinghan began to close her eyes and cultivate. Following the introduction of the secret manual, waves of faint fiery red aura began to flow into her internal organs.

She felt slight pain, but at the same time, she was also happy.

The senior brother of the sect master didn't lie to me!

This book was really useful!

"Of course, it's useful."

Wei Chi jumped down from a tree with a dusty face.

The jade talisman just now was only a little trick. It could teleport to an area of ​​300 feet. The next time it could be used would be two hours later.

However, seeing that Shen Qinghan was cultivating well, he felt relieved.

Because while Shen Qinghan was cultivating, Wei Chi also felt the rising aura in his body.

Therefore, he didn't look at Shen Qinghan for the time being. His body gradually disappeared from where he was.

When Wei Chi reappeared, he had already arrived at a luxurious Wei residence. He was in his bedroom.

He glanced at the stone brick beneath his feet.

The divine jade was hidden under the stone brick.

He could continue meditating for ten breaths before shuttling back and forth within the divine jade.

This required the consumption of dao points.

"Dao points, everything requires dao points."

Wei Chi facepalmed.


It had already been a month since Wei Chi came to this world.

The memories before he came were extremely painful. He was originally quite happy after arriving.

At least his current life was very good. Wei Chi lived in the Wei residence and was the last of the three people of the same age in the residence.

That was the young master.

Usually, there was nothing for him to do in the residence. He only needed to fish.

But how could things be so simple?

It was better to have mediocre strength. If one's strength was too weak, it was very easy to be treated as a punching bag.

Wei Chi was one of them.

In particular, there were some problems in the business of the Wei residence recently, which made people anxious.

Wei Chi had no choice but to choose to come out personally and inherit an immortal sect that he had obtained.

It was all their fault for not living up to expectations.

The immortal sect was named Immortal Ascension by Wei Chi, which was also what the people of the nine regions liked to do the most.

There was an immortal stone in the immortal sect. The immortal stone was indestructible, and its profundity was extraordinary.

It could transform the results of the cultivation of the disciples in the immortal sect.

It was not stealing, but at the same time as the disciples were cultivating, an extra portion would be transferred to Yuchi.

Therefore, the more disciples there were in the immortal sect, the faster Wei Chi's cultivation speed would be.

This was a good thing.

In reality, it was quite difficult to operate it.

The first question was very simple. Why?

Why would people visit an unknown sect like his instead of going to the other big sects?

Why would people choose a sect like his instead of the big sects?

Did his sect have any cultivation techniques?

Did his sect have a good environment?

Did his sect have grotto-heavens?

Did his sect provide pills?

Did his sect have a place to refine weapons?

If not, then why should people come?

"So I've looked for a lot of people over the past ten days, but none of them were deceived."

"Shen Qinghan is the best. She was deceived."

"That's not right."

"How can I say that it's a scam?"

"That cultivation method is real." Wei Chi drank a mouthful of tea, the tea was very astringent.

And a sect was necessary for several elements.

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