1 An End

A gentle breeze swept across the lands of the Laconian Kingdom. There was no signs of a storm to come. It was the kind of day where it seemed that everyone was just lazing around or having fun. At least that's what the naive princess to the Kingdom of Laconia thought.

Inside the palace which filled the purpose of being the royal families house, a young girl was dancing and singing about with no worries in the world. Despite what the silly young girl thought was happening around the world due to the good weather. Which she thought that sunshine and roses, with too much kindness to pass around was happening.

It was actually the complete opposite.

All of the kingdoms within the Continent of Alana are on edge. For very good reason as well. Due to the rising power of the Lotan Empire and it's idea of: "Conquer all not loyal". The Lotan Empire came about from two medium sized kingdoms through a mutual marriage. While there was some rebellion in the beginning, under the competent leadership of the Empires first Emperor, Nagi Lotan, everything was under control.

Fast forward 60 years and the new Emperor, Morris Lotan, still held the same mindset.

However, all of this wasn't exactly important to the joyful princess.

"Victoria? What are you doing, silly girl?" The sound of the person's voice caught the princess's attention.

"Uh, m-mother, what are you doing here?" A startled voice responded from the carefree girl named Victoria.

The dancing and singing came to an end as Victoria's face showed signs of worry. Right now, Victoria wasn't supposed to be playing about. She was supposed to be with studying various subjects with her equally various tutors.

"Why aren't you in class young lady! Just because your 17 doesn't mean that I won't whoop you!" Victoria visibly twitched at her chiding mother. While she was swinging her arms before, now that stoped.

"W-well, I have already remembered all of that stuff, besides, it's not that important..." Victoria trailed off knowing that whatever she was going to say was going to be useless against her mother. That is, if the expression on her face was any indication.

"Boo~ I don't wanna~" Just like any child that didn't want to do something, and with no better option than to complain, why not?

"Your never going to attain your complete potential if you keep on acting like a kid" Her mother was just hoping the best for her child. this was something Victoria was aware of, and she loved her mother a lot for it.

"I don't need to learn from those tutors" Victoria was still adamant that she didn't need to go back to her tutors. This caused her mother to visibly sigh.

"Ugh, when are you ever going to listen chi-" She was cut off right when a loud noise was heard. Then the castle began to shake. Suddenly, the ceiling above them started to crumble and fall.

End of this Chapter.