1 Strength Training

I was kept awake staring at the system window.

"Huff, I can't wait to finish School tomorrow, then the system window will finally be able for me to use." I sigh while closing it and turn on my side. My Black hair slides around my face becoming a mess. I fixed my hair with slight issues and then fell asleep.


I sit up in bed while rubbing my eyes with a slight yawn. I turn to the clock, it was 8:23. 'Crap I'm late for school!' I thought in a panicky way while rushing to get the black and white school uniform. I dashed out the door and bolted down the futuristic street doubling my pace as I reach my classroom just in time to her the bell ring. I take a seat and waited for the teacher to do attendance. After the teacher finished she started talking about the things we needed to do to pass.

"So first things first, we already did the first test yesterday which was the test of intelligence. Now we must do the test of agility and strength!" We followed the teacher in a singxle-file line to the training room. It was a gray and blue room that can change to red when it's being used. The girls and boys went into the changing rooms to change into the workout outfit, it was a short sleeve t-shirt that was a blackish gray with black sweat pants, the boys and girls were the same. After everone was done changing they went to a place inclosed in lazer proof glass.

"All right now students sit down here," the teacher said while pointing on the floor near the glass enclosure, then she started to explain the rules. "The first test is strength you will all go at the same time! No hitting others and just focus on your dummies" After she finished I stepped up to my dummy. It was a normal wooden and some steel.

"Ok people you have a one minute until the dummy will wake up." The teacher said while starting a timer next to a switch. I look around to see that people were wailing on the dummy it looked more like a punching back, when you hit it, it fires up your system window telling you how much damage you do but since it was a dummy it wouldn't do that or shouldn't do it. I hit the dummy and suddenly realized that the system window appeared but it comes like to the side of your face so it's not in your way. I stare at it and realize.


Dummy (wooden variation)

Health: 250

You have done -0 damge to this wooden dummy.

reason: It's not turned on. Damage may only be done when on.


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