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Infinity Heroes


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Long ago Angelic beings live among the humans until, chaos rose among them. Forbidden relationships we arising where humans and Deities were in affairs and offsprings known as Nephilims were born. As this was discovered by the elder gods, they descended on earth to eradicate all of the Nephilims of such relationships And as a result war outraged among all kind. During this war the creation of demonic beings became reality as avanging spirits of the Nephilims that were mercilessly slaughtered and fought agains the elder gods. Few and few offsprings were discovered and slaughtered and human kinds population decreased in numbers, until the dieties decided to seal away the demons and move on to heaven away from human kind. But some demons managed to escape the seal and bound to find a way to break the seal and rule the earth once again. Time has passed since this war and the human population increased by numbers therefore recreating the world we are in. Few of the Nephilims are said to exists as so instead of eradicating then gods were sent to watch over them and train them to fight against the demonic entities and banish them back to hell. The gods were chosen and divided among the Nephilims as minor and major gods. The major gods were sent to watch over and train the powerful Nephilims and the minor were sent to train the weak ones. A child named Zanzuki a Nephilim that was born very soon and was said to be watched over by Raijin, a god of thunder and lightning who was deranked into a minor god due to his behavior and failure to raise efficient nephilim warriors to fight against the demons. Zanzuki grows up being taught how to use his godly powers but somehow seems to have a certain percentage of him is neither god nor human. Read as Zanzuki strives to become the strongest Nephilim known in history and to protect all kind from danger ,here in the series of infinity


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