1 Chapter 1

"Mwahahahahaha" I laughed maniacally as I slashed the hammer drones to pieces the edges of my swords glowed orange as i poured more of my magic Through them [you've gotten better] the Pheonix noted

"Yeah well, I have been learning from the best." I Grinned mentally

Hello uh, my name is sora just your average otaku reborn in the naruto world then later transported to the marvel universe on a mission investigate the ripples in the land of fire if i had any girlfriends there, Naruko and Hinata.

And i know what your thinking and yes. I did fuck them already a threesome for the first time oh man~ it was the best experience of my life.

How did I get those too? well no actually I saved their lives Hinata from the Kumo kidnapping and Naruko from the mob attack through pure bullshitting of course. I wasn't strong enough

Let's get back to the Marvel, the world shall we?

Yes, apparently the phoenix force hopped over me because it thought i was a more worthy host.

I was wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt with a mask similar to Kakashi I refuse to call him a sense he didn't teach me shit.

[Incoming] the Pheonix warned [Above]

I channeled magic to my leg causing it to burst into flames and I backflipped.


The second my leg made contact it exploded into flames.

(Scene change)

Hammer industries

Ivan Vanko hidden deep inside the hammer industrial lab was watching me with Great. the interest he clicked and clicked the pack that was chasing tony pulled out and was heading towards my location.

scene change

" A flaming Rasengan to the face!" I shout as a spiraling ball of red flames formed in my hands before I slammed it into an oncoming Hammer drone Naruko will be so pissed if she found out about I stole and learned this technique before her.

"Well that's the last of them, l-" * Clank

I glanced behind me

only to find a yellow rectangular viser staring back at me More clanks were heard as i glanced at each of the hammer drones. that surrounded me

"your turn Pheonix," i said mentally

"I felt my control left my body completely. my black eyes now blazing fire as my whole body glowed cr crimson. the hammer drones fired at het but their bullets causing no effect all though it seemed to make her annoyed [Insects] she snarled. she flicked my wrist. *BOOM!!! the whole area exploded in flames.

I stood there completely dumbfounded. even after she gave me control of my body. "you are seriously way too op" deadpanned i could feel her smirking

" and was this really necessary you destroyed the entire area." i glanced at the once parking garage now nothing but a small crater with flames she scoffed. [they were very irritating and they could just covet it up as drone attack]

"Yeah but still-"

[don't you have something you need to do?]

I sighed yeah I floated a few feet up in the air and teleported in a burst of flames towards Tonys direction

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