1547 The Surging Will of the Tyrannical Emperor! II

Emperor's Haki!

An ability that carried +100,000,000,000% True Annihilatory Soul Damage and was reinforced by the 10 strongest Flames of Edicts under the Tyrannical Emperor.

This…now included two Quasi-TABOO Nomological Flames of Edicts!


Akin to mirrors shattering, every single surface area before Noah's eyes shuddered and cracked as the power of his will and soul backed by his strongest Edicts surged out towards the eight Sixth Firmament Primordial Wolf Guards trapped in the Mirror Reality.

The surroundings changed color and were bathed with a Tyrannical golden hue wherever the influence of <Emperor's Haki> spread, the eyes of the Primordial Wolf Guards shuddering as they felt like a beast was making its way towards them, their bodies shining in intoxicating light to defend!

The will of the Tyrannical Emperor smashed down like an unquenchable hammer.


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