1527 The Soul IV

Noah knew this powerful Overseer had to have just gone through many things as while waiting for the other Clone to arrive, he spoke slowly.

"How is the situation now?"

"...My authority over the Isles of the Gilded Forge has entirely been erased, with the lives and well-being of my people unknown." 


Natalya's shimmering crimson gold hair sparkled with Flames as it danced over her shoulders, her voice steady as her eyes held Flames of anger and sadness!

Noah steeled himself at such a scene as he recalled the many memories he had just obtained from the dead Primordials, his reply coming out as he raised his head to gaze at the faraway Mirror Reality that continued to suck out droves of Mana and 10 Units of the Essence of Reality every minute.

"The ones we took down are connected directly to the Royal Wolf Emperor. Based on the memories I've obtained…they should have used the deaths as an excuse for Conquest."


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