218 Picking up treasures by the roadside II

To keep his goal vague, he bought a few weapons along with the item the Martial Uncle considered to be a Legacy Treasure by exchanging for a few [Ice Phoenix Fruits] and [Spirit of the Arctic]. 

Barbatos was shooing away the gathering traders with an impassive expression, clearly showing they were not interested in anything else. 

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The Martial Uncle's cloudy eyes were becoming slightly brighter as he collected the Medicinal Fruits and began to pack up his stall as he spoke out.

"Thank you for this, Pill Master. I have a very...sick daughter who will finally be able to get some peace with these medicinal herbs in the picture."

Noah nodded at this as he looked forward to finding out what treasure he had picked up in his first hour in the World of Cultivation as he replied,

"Is there anything else I can do to help?"

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