1440 Merely of the First Firmament! I

An overabundance of life force surged within Noah's body as even though a deadly Virulent Poison Sea threatened to melt everything, his life force denied it!

He floated within this sea calmly as his body shone with a green-gold luster, the abilities under Antediluvian expressing themselves in a fantastical manner as it caused a carefree demeanor that caused Yacucoatl to look towards Noah with an even more somber gaze.

"How can you so easily counter the deadly might of an Insuperable Nomological Edict??"


The voice was booming as the Royal Blight Serpent Dragon that had now sprouted many pairs of wings and 8 extra heads shone with increasing luster, the sea around him becoming tinged even greener as this Serpent Dragon Prince saw Noah coming towards him calmly unaffected!

"It's a concept I termed Antediluvian."



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