1545 Little Tyrant! IV

Amelia met the girls first before Noah introduced her to Kazuhiko and all the other important beings, but as everyone paid their respects to his mom, their fixation was very quickly onto the chubby baby boy with bright eyes filled with life and intellect that even now, Amelia had not let go of!

"This is…"

The resplendent Emperor Penguin came forward while his flippers reached out to Little Henry, Noah seeing his son still cuddling innocently within his grandmother's embrace as he smiled while proclaiming loudly.

"This is my only son…Henry Osmont!"


All eyes became fixated on the Little Tyrant at this moment as his eyes blinked adorably, Barbatos and the other women looking between this baby, Noah, and Adelaide with dangerous eyes of wanting as they developed their own dangerous thoughts!

"Haha! The Prince of this vast Reality has been born! Little Henry, you can call me Uncle Kazuhiko…"

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