1552 Let it begin! I

Pride was in the depths of every existence's blood and origin.

The pride of some beings ran much deeper than others as when they saw their dignity being trampled on in multiple ways by a single being, their pride would rise up to immense levels as they might even act irrationally!

Such was the context at this moment in time as while the three Seventh Firmament Primordials were utterly shaken from the grandeur displayed by Noah, the male Celestial Vine Raenor could not take the stifling of his pride as even in such a situation…the endless vines of this existence vibrated and stretched out as his entire body surged forward, a bellow of madness resounding from him as if he had enough.


Was everything they were seeing truly true? Was this being that terrifying to make distinguished Primordials such as them cower like this?!

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