576 An End!


It was a single command.

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A single command which perplexed all the forces of Celestials that just battled at the Verittas Fortress, as it was not something any of them expected to hear from their Founder as he glanced towards them.

Many of them titled their heads to see if they heard correctly, but then their eyes began shaking as from the figure of Aldrich that they feared to even look at for too long, a golden light had begun to swiftly permeate from him!

This light caused their hearts to palpate as it did not seem warm or calming, but it held a cruel glimmer which shook them to their very cores!




Pandemonium ensued as those who were covered by this light began to burn in body and in origin, screeching shouts resounding out as an unbelievable sight occurred in this nondescript region in the Light Expanse where Aldrich had teleported the Celestials who were fighting at the Verittas Fortress.

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