567 A F***ing Star! II

In the vastness of space, one could come across varying sizes and shapes of stars, with the smallest Neutron Stars being 10-50 miles long, and you could even have supergiants that reached hundreds of thousands of miles.

So when an ability existed that talked about the size of a star, it was hard to know exactly what size such a star would take.

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Space cracked and folded as an immense sound of something shattering erupted out, a massive gravitational force appearing thereafter that pushed everything near the area where Crixus and the three Star Forging Celestial Commanders were located away.

This gravitational force had truly affected too many because the cause of it- the appearance of the terrifying form of a being that was much too large- had actually went on to instantly enlarge to 100 miles, and then continued to expand thereafter in a grotesque fashion!


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