6 Chapter 6: Darkness's Visit

The moonlight began to wane in the window as it seemed to have been devoured by something. The starlight slowly became less and less apparent as each star slowly blinked out of existence.

'What the-' Lucas thought before a hand clamped on his shoulder.

It had a cold icy grip that could only be described as a hand of a dead man no matter how strong it was. It felt like a cold dead zombie was gripping onto him as hard as possible.

Lucas tried to turn around and see the assailant before feeling a sudden push that seemed to shove him out of his body quite literally.

He felt his spirit leave his body as he stood floating in the air, slowly gliding through the night sky to what seemed to be an empty plateau of darkness and the destroyed world below him.

He stared down at his translucent hands and waved them around in front of his face, slowly coming to realize that his hands could go through each other. It was a strange feeling... almost as if he was reaching his hands through jello.

Then came light. It started slowly at first. The stars appear one at a time, slowly blinking into existence. Then it became faster like the twinkling lights of a decorated tree. It formed a face of an unbelievably beautiful woman that had a cloak wrapped around her head, which was the only thing visible.

"What the fuck?" Lucas finished his sentence before the starlit figure began to move and speak.

"Child... Do you invoke one of my names without my consent?" The lady said with a rumbling voice more akin to the roiling thunder of dark clouds.

'Fuck. Is this Nyx? This can't be real!' Lucas thought to himself as he realized that it could indeed be true as he was a living embodiment of the impossible seeing his superman like strength and speed.

"It wasn't like that dear goddess. I just believed that the item, as the first mythical one in the world, was befitting of a divine name. I would not question your existence but my mind was too small to realize the implications of what I had done." Lucas said with a cringe tone as he realized just how much sucking up he was doing right now.


"I suppose the first mythical item deserves a name worth having and a name worth having is one of my own. I give you permission this once but don't even dare invoke one of my names again or for that matter one of my sisters and brethren's until you make at least a godly item."

"Yes, B-Beautiful goddess. I swear upon my soul that I will not." He said as a formality before realizing that his hands had become bound in what looked to be black chains.

"Then bound by your soul you shall be. Now craft your puny tools and leave me to my rest... for now at least." 'Nyx' said as the stars disappeared and Lucas felt himself drifting into his body once more.

"Gah!" Lucas let out a shout after being returned to his body. It felt like he was suffocated because of this bind that was wrapping his soul up.

<User is under the effect of <Soul Bind> Resist is too low to be able to even attempt to resist. Resistance is futile.>

The system dinged unhelpfully but after a few moments of catching his breath, he began to get used to the suffocating feeling that was overwhelming him.

'A godly item, huh. Must be the real A-Grade stuff. Stuff like this can't even probably compare to that...' Lucas thought as he looked at the changed goggles once more.

The goggles had turned pitch black and had diamond-like etchings made out of white silk all over them. The gems that were used as the lenses had also changed into a kaleidoscope-like effect.

After some looking at the item a window finally popped up with the description of what it was.


<<Sight of Nyx(Blessed by the embodiment of the night)> +3 / Condition: Impervious / Rarity: Mythical>

-Night vision to all who wear it. (Perfect quality)

-Soul vision to all who wear it. (Poor quality)

-Additional benefits from absorbing the souls of the dead. (+1 to one stat randomly per dead soul absorbed.)

--Blessings of Nyx: You are wrapped with the power of the night and as such you have benefits that others can't believe to touch.

--Cloaked by Night: The user is 50% stealthier.

--100% increase in learning of darkness-based skills including magical ones.

--+5 to all stats while wearing them.


"Holy Moley is that good! Probably worth this binding I'm suffering from." Lucas whispered as he realized what he had just done. He had gotten the blessings of a 'god'. Seemingly an impossible task was accomplished by Lucas on his second night of having the system.

'Man this thing lets you progress fast.'

'With this item combined with <Night Bat>, He should be able to Kill things way easier with stealth strikes. The + 5 to each stat is kinda incredible too. I mean that's a total of 35 points for basically free. <Improved Fortify> Is really overpowered!'

'What was that title I earned again?'

<The title<Forge's Heir> has been received. Would the User like to view its abilities and equip it?>

'Sure!' Lucas said happily.

<P.S. The user has some unread notifications which will be displayed after.>


<Forge's Heir>

The user has forged something that has awarded you with the world's recognition. You have been destined for greatness through your act of crafting and have been allowed the following benefits(Some immediate, some passive for the future)

Immediate Benefits:

-User gains 1 evolution in their current (Building/Craftsman) Class.

-User gains 20 strength and 20 endurance.

Passive Benefits:

-20% increased crafting skill

-Double your strength and speed while crafting

-The user can call upon flames, the forest, and stones to aid you in your crafting endeavors. The user gains +200% experience with related skills.

<Title has been equipped.>


<System Notifications>

<User has seen a god and has gained insight into the world>

<User has gained 1000 XP for making a mythical item.>

<User has leveled up twice in their main class and received 20 stat points>

<User is ready to evolve <Builders class> Due to the title that they have received.>

<User has gained 35 stat points from leveling Builders class to max level>


"Why have I been blessed by the gods?!" Lucas said as he realized just how heavenly this game of life or death could be.

'Let's check the leader board!'


<Tournament Tab>

<Current Task>: Level a single stat as high as possible in an unknown period of time.

<Current placement>: 2nd place.

<Current Reward>: 75 stat points + 1 Skill Point.

<Current Top User>: Ethan Grey <The Player, Killer>


'How the hell am I not first?!' Lucas thought to himself as he pulled up the stats he currently had.'



<Strength: 24 + 5 + 20 = 49>

<Dexterity: 23 + 5 = 28>

<Endurance: 50 + 5 + 20 =75>

<Control: 10 + 5 = 15>

<Intelligence: 11 + 5 = 16>

<Power: 10 + 5 = 15>

<Charm: 9 + 5 = 14>

<Skill Points: 55>

<Stat Points: 0>


'Maybe this will fix it,' Lucas thought before smirking widely.

'Put 55 points into Endurance!'

<Confirm choice?>


<55 points have been put into Endurance. Endurance has reached 130.>

<User has leveled endurance past 100! The user gains passive common skill <Health Sense> and passive common skill <Tough Skin>>


<Health Sense: Tier 0 / LV: 1 / Rarity: Common> Requirement: Reach level 100 endurance.

User can see their health in the User's home tab.


<Tough Skin: Tier 0 / LV: 1 / Rarity: Uncommon> Requirement: Random Skill pull from reaching 100 endurance.

User has increased their defense so much that their skin has become as strong as wood. The user takes less damage from each attack.


'Nice! What's my current health at?'



Lucas Walker

Health: 1300/1300

Stamina: 130/130


"Man I'm insane!" Lucas exclaimed as he looked over his stats.

'Have I reached the top of the leader board?' Lucas asked hesitantly.


<Tournament Tab>

<Current Task>: Level a single stat as high as possible in an unknown period of time.

<Current placement>: First place.

<Current Reward>: 100 stat points + 2 Skill Point.

<Current Top User>: Lucas Walker (Forge's Heir)


"Hell to the Yeah!" Lucas said as he began to do a little dance.

Everything felt better about Lucas. His looks had improved and so had his speed of thought. Everything seemed to be going his way but that wasn't the same for everyone...

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