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Infinite Desires


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*be warned this is almost entirely smut* A Progamer, Game Developer, Stock Expert, and entitled rich kid Alexander believes that women are ment to serve men. With the release of Infinite Desires a VRMMORPG. He was able to fulfill this belief on PCs and NPCs alike. He quickly rose to be the top player and the most hated. He made the mistake of meeting one of his girls in the game in real life. He did not know his actions had caused the girl to give up gaming and attempt to commit suicide. Her big brother hated Alexander for what he put his sister and family through. So when Alex showed up at the meeting spot he was taken to the top of one of New York City's tallest buildings and pushed off. Alexander's actions in life angered several Goddess including The Goddess of Reincarnation. Alex awakens in a familiar forest with a system. What awaits him when Infinite Desires is no longer a game and his system is changing him.


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