'please help me, what's your name !' old man .

' shan, what happened ?'shan.

' keep this' old man ran giving a packet of some glowing object .

'Run fast they are coming they are coming .' Old man shouted and ran towards forest hurriedly .

Shan ran towards his house without knowing anything in fear ..After 2 minutes he reached his house .

Mom 'oh there shan came so quickly today . Oh why you are in so hurry .'

'mom it was So horrific. 'shan . Shan's mom saw towards shan.

'Oh what happened ! My son ' Shan's mom.

'An old man ran towards me for help in hurry and gave me this packet with some glowing object. I have not opened it.'shan.

'What is it let me see 'Shan's Mom.

'Oh, glowing stones. It is gold if I am not wrong. ' Shan's Mom.

' I think thieves were behind him' Shan's mom.

'Mom what should we do now 'Shan .

' What we can do is simply keep it with us till, that elder man come and own it.' Shan's mom.

4 years later

Shan became 14 and became a mature guy.

Saturday morning.

'mom I am going to school 'Shan.

'today also, late' Shan's mom.

'no mom 15 minutes left for School 'Shan.

' It take 30 minutes to reach School' Shan' mom

' No not to me 'Shan .Shan in hurry turn back and saw light blinking In his mother room . He move towards his mom room. Mom's looker was blinking . He opened it . Amazed to see that stone was blinking . He touched it and his veins was about to blast . He was full of sweat .

'Man what was that. Was it a dream, Mom mom !'shan shouted In a state of confusion.

'what happened ?,why were you shouting' Shan's mom

'mom th tha that stone' shan.

Shan's mom saw towards the stone it was normal.

'What happened?, oh I got it you remembered that night oh come on, now you are a mature guy' Shan's mom.

'What, it was blinking mom believe me it was blinking' shan.

'oh come on from 9 years it is like this only ,how can it glow now just leave it you are already late . Let's go , ok today I will drop you in my new car' Shan's mom.

Shan turn back and saw towards the stone.

'but' shan.

'come on' Shan's mom.

Shan reaches school at time and gone to his class .

'Hey shan' his friends Nikita,Max,Jane, shouted from back shan didn't answered .his friends came to him.

'What happened man . Why are you not listening?'Max

' oh, yeah what happened?' shan.

'Oh you dumb, what happened? Where are you?' Jane.

'Oh nothing ,just thinking about something' shan.

'About what' Nikita.

'something to tell you all, very mysterious' Shan.

'Class is going to start ,I am going meet you all after class' Jane .

'Wait ,I am also coming , you can tell this all after school' Max.

'oh, yeah sure. Let's go.' Shan.


'oh ,you were going to tell us something' Jake.

'YEAH ,I was telling you that in my childhood an old man gave me a shining stone and in morning that stone which that elder man gave to me was blinking' Shan.

'oh a stone strange I also got one stone which shine at my childhood' Max.

'What ? REALLY ?' Shan.

'Yeah a purple' Max.

'Oh No I got a golden one' Shan.

'Let me guess at morning it was blinking and you touched it and you could fell that energy which was coming from it , Max.

' It was blinking outside my house at night' Max.


Ok now Just keep quiet now where are they .' Nikita.

'What' shan.

'Oh dumb , that stone' Max

'Oh that stone is in my home only. And where is yours?' Shan.

'Mine is also at home' Max.

'Ok You bring yours and I will bring mine ok ' Shan.

'where?' Max.

' That elder man gave me that and ran towards forest so I think we also should go towards the forest ' Shan.

'ok we will meet you at stairs which will take us to peak. ' Max.



'I am here Max' Shan.

'Where is he' Max.

'I am here at the corner at your back come fast.'Shan. Everyone turned back and ran towards Shan.

'why are you hiding here' Max.

'I am not hiding here' Shan.

'Then what' Max.

'you willnot believe man' Shan.

'what' Nikita