1 Prologue

When all races lost their connection to their respective gods, after the great War of the Gods, they all suffered a great blow.

But the race that suffered the most was the Elvish Race, which lost the protection of the great Goddess of Nature, and being the most beautiful beings in the Spectral World, Many races were left with burning greedy eyes wanting to attack the elven kingdom.

Even with the protection of the goddess and the tree of life, many Elves who dared to venture outside the forest were captured, sold as slaves and used as sex slaves until they died.

[Eyrindor's realm]

[Royal Palace]

"What we are going to do, all the gods have died, we cannot be without the goddess of Nature, the tree of life will die and we have already been very weakened" said the elder Kyrian, from the Tassarion noble family.

"I know, * sigh * but there is nothing we can do but prepare for the inevitable"

Elder Kyrian ponders in silence, while in a room a woman in labor, with several servants around her and a lady assisting her.


"Force! Take a deep breath and push the baby is almost out "said the lady who was helping her.

After pushing hard, the woman lying down is relieved that her baby is born.

"Congratulations my Queen, he is a very healthy and beautiful boy, I am sure the king will be very happy" said the lady.

* BANG * The bedroom door opens when a tall, handsome man with Golden hair enters.

Everyone in the room bows down saying in unison "My King".

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The man doesn't even care when he runs, and sits next to the crimson-haired woman, who was lying holding a baby affectionately in her lap with a look of affection and love.

"Are you okay, Cilia? "The man asks worriedly, to the woman lying

"Yes, Eradriel" The woman responds smiling slightly.

Eradriel takes the baby in her lap and is happy while saying softly for fear of scaring the baby:

"Today we are going to have a great banquet"

The night in the palace was very lively and several noble houses were invited to the banquet.

The party helped to ease the tension, created by the loss of the Goddess of Nature.

The King received much praise and was congratulated by all the guests, that his heir was born.

The baby was called Lucan Eyrindor.

Even with all the festivity the baby's parents were concerned about the boy's future.

*10 years later*

In a training camp a little boy had a training bow, the arrows he shot hit the target with precision.

Today was the day when the Crown Prince would test his talent, along with several other children.

"Lucaan! Lucaan! "A crimson-haired woman called, that was Queen Cilia Lucan's mother.

The boy dropped the bow and ran to hug his mother.

"Come on dear, today is the day when we will test your talent. Your father and I are very anxious to see what your performance will be", said Cilia, stroking her son's orange hair.

"Mommy, you can be sure I'm going to be super strong, to protect you, Daddy, Grandpa Kyrian and Grandma Valna," said Lucan innocently. "Okay, so you have to try hard, now let's go dear"

In a large golden hall inside the castle, thousands of people were gathered, in the hall there was a stage with a pedestal, where a sphere floated above it. The test concept was to find out which element the person has the most affinity with, the elements are:









The strongest elements are Lightning, Fire, Space, Light and Darkness. The elements Light and Darkness are rare, so rare that people with these elements do not exist and are legends. People with low talent control 1 element, people with medium talent control 3, and people with high talent control 4. There are also monstrous geniuses who have the talent to control all elements and may have the ability to become Gods. That kind of genius hasn't been around for thousands of years.

When Lucan entered the great hall with his mother, everyone stopped and looked at the young prince with admiration, Lucan was not ashamed because he was already used to this type of look.

Lucan took the stage where several children, the same age as his were waiting, to test his affinity and talent. On the stage there was an Elder, who was helping the children.

Elder called a little girl to test her talent and affinity, she had long dark hair, her eyes were big, they were a light green color. Her name was Alaisa from the noble house Adarion. Before she approached the orb she looked at Lucan, and gave a beautiful smile, when Lucan saw her smiling at him, he blushed and lowered his head, in shame.

When the girl saw this she laughed, and approached the orb, when she put her hands above the orb it shone with 4 colors, the colors were, a dark blue that means water, a light purple, which means lightning, a light brown which means Earth, and a shiny silver that means space. "HAHAHAHAHAH, I knew my daughter is a genius" In a group of people a middle aged man laughed intensely, and said with pride:

"My little princess is a genius, and has two strong elements, she will certainly have a bright future ahead of her. "Several people went to congratulate the head of the noble house Adarion.

The King also went to congratulate, even because the Head of the Adarion family was his sworn brother.

"Okay, now it's time for the prince to test his talent." says the old man who oversaw the event.

When everyone had their eyes on the prince to know what skill the prince would have, a deafening sound came from the doors

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