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I hate going to school, every morning waking up the same old routine doing the same thing over and over again it gets old and fast. I know what you are thinking here goes another freaking teen complaining about her life boohoo, haha I just feel like this isn't how my life is supposed to be like. Don't you ever have a feeling like you are meant for something great? Something amazing, well I have and it's actually true, at the age of 14 my older brother and his girlfriend set me down and told the craziest story I've ever heard they told that I was special and that I had powers. Can you believe that? Me with superpowers? The water element that's what they called it, having the ability to manipulate water; cool right? Well not at the time. I freaked out for a week thinking that I was possessed because every time I got nervous or scared any liquids around me would freak too, so the more I freak the more the water moved out of my control, it took them years to teach me how to get a handle of my powers

"Mack! Have you seen my gym bag?" Ugh and that's my queue, school here I come.

"Did you check the living room?" He's always loosing things in this house, he might be older than me but he never acts like it. "Come on honey I have breakfast ready, you need to eat something before you leave for school" mum yells from the kitchen, she's always making breakfast for us or doing our laundry, picking me up from school when Elijah is busy, doing everything to make sure that my brother and I are happy and not depressed. Ever since Dad died she has been so hands on with us that I feel like she is avoiding dealing with his death her self.

I wish there was something I could do to make everything better for her or at least manageable sometimes I just want to tell her about my powers, I hate keeping secrets from her.

" thanks for the breakfast mum really appreciate it" I tell her, I sit on one of  the stools around the island in the kitchen and start eating my breakfast when my brother walks in with his gym bag in one hand and football in the other. " starting without me Mack?"

"You are too slow buddy"

"Now there is more than enough for the both of you" mum chimes in

" hurry up and eat I have to get to school early today, for my presentation" I hate public speaking but if I want to pass English and keep my straight A's strike going, I have to do it.

"You are going to do great Kiddo" Elijah pats my back and I smile at him, he always knows when to cheer me on when I need it. "Thanks Elijah"

" Aww you two are so sweet!" Mum says, she's been standing there watching us with a smile on her face.

" your fault!" We both say at the same time which makes her laugh, 20 minutes later Elijah and I are out the door and he's driving us to school, Elijah works as the head couch at the school, he went to college and when he was done he came back and got a job at the school. "It's still surprises me how you haven't gotten a ticket yet considering how fast you drive" I tell him while he is speeding along, when I hear no respond from him I look at him and he seems like he isn't there, well he's there but not really you know? Like his mind is else where. "ELIJAH!" He shakes his head and looks at me like he is surprised I was there. "Are you okay?" I ask him a little worried,  "sorry Mack spaced out for a sec what did you say?" he asks me, he looks serious and afraid. "What's wrong?" He shakes his head "Nothing, I just didn't get enough sleep last night" and keeps driving.

We get to school, I've got about 30 minutes before school starts and the whole way there Elijah hasn't said another word to besides telling me that he needed to rest. We get out of the car and Addison walks up to Elijah and they start whisper yelling at each other, you know when people are irritated and they want to yell at you but also want to stay calm so they end up just quietly yelling? Well that's what they were doing " you really think it's her?!" Addison whisper-yells at my brother "how?! she's dead!" Elijah whisper-yells back at Addison, than they look back at me and back at each other. What ever is going on with the two of them is none of my business, so I turn to leave; when Elijah tells me to wait he walks up to me opens his mouth to say something but closes again. He does this a couple more times before I tell him to just tell me what is going on, "you need to be careful today" he says to me with a worried face and I look at him confused

" I'm always careful, I have my powers under control no more freaking out" He shakes his head "no, not that, there is a bigger part to your powers that we haven't told you about  a part that is extremely dangerous"

" what are you talking about Elijah?" What actual fuck is going on with my brother? His played pranks before but never this weird. " I can explain it all to you later on, when we get home" he tells me, and I look at him to see if this really is a joke or not. "Am I going to die?" I look at him unsure of why I asked that question "of course not, why would you ask that?" I don't know why I asked honestly, it's just that I haven't felt safe since the age of 9, I can still remember the exact day and time 'June 22 2009, 11:27pm' at that moment my whole body froze, fear crept through me but at the time I was at home with Mum and Elijah we were watching a movie and having a good time, so that sort of fear came out of nowhere. It felt like someone else's fear not mine.

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"It's nothing, I should go to class and prepare for the presentation" I told them both, turning to head to the school I bumped into something hard, not just hard but it felt like electricity was running through it the good kind, it felt.....amazing and intoxicating like I couldn't get enough of it. Luckily I didn't fall "you alright, Kenz?" I deep voice asked me without needing to look up I knew who it was, Marcel Parks, Addison's younger brother. He's a tall guy 5'10" 6 foot all I know is that this dude was tall. "I-I'm okay sorry" I stumbled through my reply, he looks down at me and smirks and I feel my face blushing.

"What's happening here?" He asked us, "we need to talk to Mackenzie about something important about her abilities" Addison explains to him. I seriously don't want to know about whatever it is they want me to know, it just sounds terrifying.

"Right, that" he said it like he already knew what they were talking about, "wait you know?" I ask Marcel "don't worry it's nothing bad, well when it comes to you" he replies

What was going on? Was there something wrong with me that they had to talk about me behind my back?