1 Chapter-1


"What the hell is going on?"


"Why am I inside water?"

" Am I drowning? "

" Oh shit! I am drowning!"

I flail my arms and legs around to get a proper grip of myself. Hoping I don't drown. I never really knew how to swim properly, except with the help of life jackets, which i didn't have with me at the moment. But what am I doing inside water? It was dark but i seemed to have a very good vision. I quickly look around to find an edge I could climb onto.





"It seems like she managed to survived"

"Very well, lets let her live. For now."




I quickly find a good gripping edge that I climb onto. Somehow I managed to swim away with my life.

"But I don't know how to swim though. Maybe because my life was on the line,"

I look towards the water body to see how big it was. Turns out it wasn't that big. I would consider it a lake. I glance around to my surroundings. It seems like I am in a forest like area.

"It's rather strange, I also can't recollect my previous memories from before this."

I hear some whispering from the other side of the lake, only to there two kids standing. They also spotted me and were about to run away, thankfully I managed to catch up to them. I grabbed one of the older kids hand. He turned around looking very scared. I asked him with a threatening tone, even though i wasn't feeling angry, "Do you know me kid?"

As I said those words his face looked as if his soul had flew away from him body. I grabbed the other kid by his collar snice he tried to make an attempt of escaping too. The older one squeezed his eyes shut almost begging me not to bite..? him.

The kid went on, "Sister please! Let us off!"

After the all the begging I say as I had an annoyed expression, "Ok I the great... Uhhh... Anyways! I will let you off peasant! But state your name and purposes!"

The younger kid managed to get out of my grip and on his knees he went, on a begging stance, he cried, "Sister! We where here like usual to get rid off the bodies! "

Bodies? What bodies!? And usual!? My lord...

This seemed awfully off.

Not knowing anything, I proceeded to blurt out, "Ok take me to the usual spot."

Off they went, leading me the way to their 'factory'. The path seemed to have water bodies and farm land on the both sides. As we arrive there i see piles of dead bodies stacked on top of each other like a hill. I glance away from the gore scene to find a woman in a long read maxi standing and ordering around her subordinates. As I walk closer to her she turned around. After glancing at me she had a very surprised expression.

Not thinking much about it I move forward to her and embrace her with my cold arms, gesturing a warm hello.

"Hello aunt! Long time no see!"

Yes, I discovered I am a very funny person. Making jokes even in this kind of situations. I mean why not? Comedy is a way around horror. Ain't it?

The lady shouts almost deafening me, "Liia, Dear what are you doing here!?"

Oh it seems that she really is my aunt...

_____________°To be continued°_____________