2 Chapter 1

_ Nick -a boy with raven hair was hugging the mentioned-

_ Bobby

Bobby's mom had given her son permission as she begged him to stay at the Kim family home. That day there would be a shower of stars and the children wanted to see them together. After hugging, the two little ones went to the older's room, to play for a while, it was 5:00 pm so I could play for a while, have dinner, prepare the tent outside the older man's yard, you prepare the sleeping bags and some sandwiches.

The children were rather playing a tickle war. Bobby is on top of a boy with light brown hair and tan skin as he laughs at Bobby's tickling

_ Bobby, stop now -he laughed as the little jet was tickling him-

_ Nick-stopped tickling- did you do your homework?

_ Bobby, tomorrow is Saturday let's forget homework yes.

Bobby always scolded Nick for not doing his homework, he kept helping him until he finished, Bobby was very smart despite being a grade less than Nick The door of the room was knocked accompanied by the voice of Mrs. Kim

_My little ones I brought them sandwiches Bobby got off Nick and sat on the edge of the bed while the door was opened.


_ Thank you Mrs. Kim -said the little boy-

Mrs. Kim loved Bobby very much and Mrs. Jeon loved Nick very much, the mothers of the two children had known each other for many years, Bobby's mother had an abusive boyfriend by that time she was 22 years old, Mrs. Jeon, this being beaten by her boyfriend in the middle of the street, but no one dared to do anything, until Nick's mother appeared, she was not afraid of anything and faced the man, she helped Mrs. Jeon everything, since then she they made friends, almost sisters, on Mrs. Kim's wedding day, Mrs. Jeon was the one who was there with her all the time, even when she was pregnant with little Nick, 3 years later Mr. Jeon and Mrs. Kim was also there to take care of her, Nick wanted to meet that little one that Mr. Jeon carries in her womb, he had told him a lot about that baby that had not yet been born, the day little Jeon was born, Nick was really happy he saw the little one by the first time and Bobby laughed when he saw it, Nick saw a ga laxia in the eyes of your little Bobby.

7:00 p.m.

The children were making the camping tent while Mrs. Kim finished making dinner, Nick's father arrived and he ran into Mr. Kim's arms, Bobby greeted him.

_Good evening Mr. Kim -He bowed-

_Hi Bobby -I caress the little boy's hair-

Mr. Kim saw the little camping tent in his yard, well let's say the kids were reading the instructions to pitch the tent. Mr. Kim gave a little laugh because he imagined the children, confused and cute.

_What are they doing? -I ask-

_We want to set up the tent, dad -said little Nick.-

_But we don't understand the instructions -Bobby pouted.-

_ Why isn't Solar helping them? asked Mr. Kim.

_Solar, I ask Mom for permission to meet at her friend Jenni's house -said Nick.-

_Well then I'll help you -he said.-

_But first, let's have dinner -Nick's mother came out and went to her husband to kiss him- children go and wash your hands.

The little ones ran out to see who would wash their hands first, when those two little ones were together they made a lot of noise, there was laughter throughout the house.

Dinner was over and the kids headed out to the patio along with Nick's dad to pitch the tent. It was a long work, but the fun was never lacking, Mr. Kim made little jokes that the children laughed.

_Bobby - Nick said, looking up at the Sky-

_Yes Nick? -The little boy stopped seeing the sky and looked at Nick-

_You know -Nick I look at him- I like you

The raven haired boy looked at him with a blush on his face

_Do you like me as a brother? -I ask-

_No, I like how my mother loves my father -he said- whenever I hold your hand, inside me I feel as if something is flying, I am very happy to see you smile

_Nick, that's what they call butterflies in the stomach, mommy told me that -he smiles- I'm also a horrible person

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Nick was teased because they said he was an ugly child, they hated him for being the teacher's favorite. But Nick was always there to lift his spirits, he said that if his eyes were turned off, that beautiful galaxy that he had in those eyes would no longer exist.

_Nick, I like you too

_Bobby, look at the meteor shower -I take the hand of him little jet-

I want to be with you forever.

_Bobby, look at me

_Why? -looked at him-

_Because in your eyes is my galaxy

Hello, what did you think of chapter 1 of this story? It is something very beautiful and tragic that I have prepared for the following chapters. I wanted to give you the ages of Nick and Bobby

Nick: 10 years

Bobby: 7 1/2 years

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