1 Chapter - 1 (R)

8:00 hours,

The State of North Carolina,

Fort Bragg.

A squad of US Delta Force is preparing for their next mission; As the country gets overrun by the dead as days pass.

On this humid day, I was in the armoury of Fort Bragg, and so were my troops as we prepared ourselves for the next task. Saved by the air conditioner, I could smell that acidic smell of gunpowder and the gun oil a mile away in the air. There were all kinds of firearms available here MP5, M240, M249, M107 sniper, M60, M16, M4A1, M14, Hk416, M1 grand, and Thompson that was once known as the Chicago typewriter. Anywhere you see, you will see guns and bullets shining. On the right intersection of the armoury, I saw three weapons I love but couldn't take SMAW, South African Milkor MGL and an M134 Minigun. Looking over towards pistols category, I saw guns like M1911, G17, M9 Beretta, Heckler & Koch HK45; I selected HK416, I held this modern beauty in my arms, as I felt its cold, smooth black metal against the skin of my palms. For a second, I felt like I was the grim reaper, and this was my scythe. At last, I could not resist its charm as the bright white light from tube light; fell on the gun making, it looked like a mix of black and white. I swiftly aimed my new weapon towards an imaginary target and pressed the trigger only to hear clak! Which meant the gun was empty instead of loud noise. But even this minor action was enough to attract the attention of the guards in the armoury. I just smiled nervously at them as I put the gun back on the table; I took a Rifle magazine from a crate nearby and initiated the long process of loading bullets. I held the magazine in my left hand, placed it on the table, and started loading the ammo with my left thumb. I took a Rifle magazine from a crate nearby and initiated the long process of loading bullets. I held the magazine in my left hand, placed it on the table, and started loading the ammo with my left thumb. I could feel the cold copper bullets in my hands, small yet able to take the life out of anyone instantly.

I glanced towards my troops to see what they selected; most rifleman choose HK416 like me, with the exception of some who had a different role; I saw one of my machine gunners pick up M1919 in hands like it was nothing but, most of them choose M240 because of its size and stopping power.

Finally, after five minutes, I randomly choose a pistol for my self. Even after five more minutes, there was still some lagging behind because they thought chattering about firearms is more necessary.

I decided to stop this idiocy. " Attention!, carry as much extra ammunition and silencers as you can carry, along with MRE's, grenades and the usual stuff. Don't you dare to denounce the food?" I yelled, my voice boomed through the room, along with an invitation to unnecessary trouble to myself.

After overhearing me, Lieutenant Colonel Vincent appeared next to me. Lt. Colonel is from Army's logistics branch. He is an enemy for everyone on the battlefield — friends and foe alike, for enemies; there is no need to mention, but for the friendlies, it's because of the logistics officer's being too stingy with supplies and ammunition.

"Lieutenant colonel Jack Dixon, this is not your home where you can take things as you want." I just glanced at this nuisance like a deadpan strung on a tree; I took a pistol magazine in my left hand as I pressed the bullet inside the magazine with my right; my troops were also done with their work at this point. I was not in the mood to communicate with this fool; I can already sense his bulging belly move like a Michael Jackson as his veins throb in anger.

"Woe is me," I said as I finally turned my attention to this inflated walkers food.

"Do you think you will achieve something by acting like this?" He asked me.

Maybe this balloon with grey hairs, short stature combined with his chubby looks, in a military uniform finally moved my heart.

"Nope! I won't nevertheless, the way you act and carry yourself irritate's the hell out of me." I responded, for the first time in years; I said something like this to anyone, but now it's a different time.

"We are essentially running low on supplies; we can't spare extra," Vincent argued as he rolled his eyes in anger at me.

"Attention!!!" Before we could argue more, we were interrupted by a call out from across the room.

There's only one man; who's supposed to enter, and I knew who it was. General Matthew Scalia, the garrison commander of Fort Bragg. General is past fifty in age; he wore simple combat boots plus a standard combat officer's uniform.

I stood straight, like a soldier with my back straight too. He glanced towards me than my men. After pondering, he finally told us to be at ease; only then we stood relaxed.

After, the General went on about how elite and the best we were in US Army and how, difficult our next task is. After wasting our time on minor details and his attempt to motivate us in his ways.

General placed his hands behind his old but sturdy and straight back; as he glanced at us for one last time in a cold professional."Your task is to extract Dr Jenner from a CDC lab in Atlanta; if you have any, inquiry now is the time."

"Sir, why are you sending a full squadron of delta force; is the target that important." I couldn't help but inquire. All the delta Sabre teams have been sent all over the nation along with their support troops.

"Yeah, he is. Those are the orders." He answered.

I don't know what to think about it. The orders we receive are getting strange every day, but my job is to execute the task. Asking questions is not; so, I threw this thought somewhere in the back of my head.

After answering some minor question, the General finally dismissed us as we prepared ourselves for the task. It took us a little more than five minutes.

After equipping ourselves, we found ourselves advancing towards helipads. As blazing heat from the sun attempts; to burn us down. I could feel all kinds of gazes full of emotions on us, envy, displeasure and admiration.

I gazed at our green barracks for one last time before we finally reach the helipads. Three CH47 helicopters were waiting for us. I could feel the old General's gaze on my back far away from us; why I don't have an answer for that, I glanced back at him only for him to smile as if trying to reassure me.

I hurried to my pre-arranged seat; as the orders to embark on the helicopter were issued.

Just as I sat down on my seat, I could feel a danger approaching me; battle instincts were warning me of danger I didn't know. My thoughts were interrupted as I could feel the helicopter lift off the ground, a sense of excitement crawling all over me, looking down from the window. I could finally see the Huge horde of walkers besieging the Fort as they snarled and roared like a demon in heat.

After the helicopter's had left the vicinity of Fort Bragg, I grasped my head with both hands as I felt an excruciating pain assaulting on my head. Time stopped for me, my back drenched in sweat as my consciousness plunged into darkness. I could feel myself wrapped in a black space of nothingness. I saw a faint silhouette appear in front of me, I could see it was a human, but I couldn't see its feature.

"Hahaha," finally I have transmigrated." this human-like thing said as it scanned me. "let's eliminate his soul and take over." The thing finally said its purpose. He moved towards me like I am some candy, placing his hand on my head; he muttered strange words that I didn't understand.

For the next five minutes, I felt grueling pain all over my body. Heart rendering screams escaped from my mouth as I begged for mercy.

"It will all be over soon." the voice responded.

Maybe a higher power answered my calls, or the Three Norns at the foot of Yggdrasil have decided to spin the thread of fate in my favour. I lost the remaining control of my body; as power surged inside my body. I could only see through my eyes, that's all. I was like a third person inside both my soul, and body like a cell inside a cell, a horrible experience.

I saw my body, or say soul moving under the surprised look from the transmigrator. It moved toward him and raised my soul hand towards the transmigrator causing, the former to wail in agony his, cries loud enough to dwarf a howler monkey's voice.

"Impossible! How is this possible? I am a transmigrator, a protagonist. How could I be Killed before I do something earth-shattering in the new world?"

I wonder how could bastard this Talk so much. Just look at me; I have been silent through the whole ordeal. As a victim, I have more right to talk than this loudmouth.

"What is dead must remain dead." stated the 2nd guy who took control of my soul in my voice albeit, a cold one. The next thing is a no brainer. I saw the transmigrator's faint white silhouette burn slowly; as he continued to wail in agony.

I found the 2nd guy's words a little funny. The world is crawling with the dead who can walk and eat those who are still alive but could I say; I was a prisoner inside my own body and now soul too.

A truck appeared out of nowhere. It drove towards me, only to be exploded by my second jailor.

"Enjoy" was the last word I heard in my own voice before I felt blasted by a grenade.

"The Fuck was that." I roared at the top of my lungs.

"What happened, sir." one of my soldiers asked me. I didn't bother replying; I quickly scanned my surrounding's; I was back in the helicopter, I could feel my body again. My body was drenched in a cold sweat; my clothes were now wet with sweat. I could hear The [Chuff] [Chuff] sound from the rotor blades of the helicopter.

"Nothing, Just a bad dream," I replied. The soldier didn't say anything more; he sat back to his seat again.

I felt another round of pain in my head, but this time I didn't blackout. I felt something pouring inside me; there were memories from that guy who called himself a transmigrator.

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