In this New Life, My Own Fantasy Adventure Begins! Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

In this New Life, My Own Fantasy Adventure Begins!


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A little shut-in girl that for unknown reasons and means got transported into a fantasy world. Barely surviving her first arrival to this new world, she continued to live her life as she intended, only to experience hardship and its cruelty firsthand. With a little effort and friendship along the way… she found more reasons to do more than just live her life. The more she stayed, the more she learned how problematic the world actually was. And to think that's bad enough, adding to that was the existence of a great evil that threatened the land and all its standing Kingdoms. Given the chance to fix those problems by her own hand, she took it. Her motivations for affirming this heavy task were unclear, even to herself. But one thing's for certain– she's gonna be doing a lot until she gets anywhere… do what she normally doesn't, become somebody she normally couldn't, setting off on an important journey with her newfound self- worth. A journey for no absolute constructive reason. She might not be aware of it immediately… but that is her Fantasy.


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