8 I'll make you fall for me...

"To be very clear, you don't have to worry. Your secret will be between us only. I won't tell anyone else about it, but tell me the truth, why did you have my photo?"

Kurumi as her serious gaze falls on me.

"Um... well..."

I hesitated as I looked around to find an excuse.

Suddenly, my eyes fell towards a big tree, which was some steps away from us. After seeing it, I already have an excuse.

"Hey, Kurumi. Look! How big is this tree? Look how beautiful its leaves are."

I gave a fake smile while looking towards the tree.

But when I heard no response from Kurumi, I turned towards her as I saw her folding her arms and looking towards me with a blank expression. "Um...is it not beautiful?"

I asked as my voice turned a little husky.

"If you're done with your excuse, then would you mind answering my question?"

Kurumi replies as her gaze gets glued to my face for my response.


I responded as I looked around for another excuse.

Suddenly, my eyes fell towards my left.

There was a vending machine for drinks.

I widened my eyes as I looked toward her as I called out, 

"Look, a vending machine." How about we drink something? I'm quite thirsty, you know."

And unexpectedly, a smile formed on Kurumi's face as she said while closing her eyes,

"Yes, sure…"


I screamed in pride from the inside as I got up, but suddenly, she grabbed my arm, 


I responded as my eyes fall towards her as she says, 

"...But after you answered my question."

Goddamnit! I'm screwed! What should I do now? "Oh...I see. Heh heh."

I said with a fake smirk as I sit down and begins thinking,

'Think, Think, Think, Think, Think….'

'Tell her the truth.'


While I was sweating in fear, suddenly I heard a feminine voice.


I called out while looking around.

Kurumi sighed as she said, 

"Sajru-chan, please stop this act already. We're friends, right? So, tell me the truth.

"Well, um... ah... well..."

I said while looking around as I didn't understand what that voice was.

Suddenly, I heard it again.

'Tell her the truth. It will help you in the future. She's reliable.'

Now, I became quiet after hearing it, as I asked in my mind,

'Who are you?'

'Who I am didn't matter now. Just tell her the truth.'

That voice responded with a request to tell her the truth.

'Not going to happen.'

I replied while denying that.

Why would I tell her? She never believed me in the first place.

'Fine. If you won't tell her, then I will tell her.'


Suddenly, like a stroke hits my head and I lower my head.


Kurumi responded that she saw me behaving like this.

Suddenly, I raised my head with a cold look in my eyes as I said, 



She responded after hearing the deep voice.

'What the hell!? Who's talking to her?'

I responded after as I only saw what I'm saying, but it was someone else who is talking.

"Let me tell you the truth…"

The voice says as my body stands up and my face turns towards the left as the voice continues.

"Would you believe me if I said that I'm actually from another world far away from here?"

'Stop!!! Don't tell her!!'

I screamed from the inside, but it was useless.

"Huh? Another world?"

Kurumi responded in a daze as she heard that statement.

"Yes, another world."

The voice replies,

'Damn you. Whoever you are!!!'

I screamed in anger from the inside.

Kurumi's expression turned serious after hearing those words, as she said in a serious voice.

"I do. But how can you make me believe that?"

A smile formed on my face as that voice continues,

"Why did you transfer to Raizen High School? Just to consume Shidou and get his ability, right?"

"What!? H-How did you know that?"

Kurumi asked in a shocked voice as she sat straight in an alert.

'Huh!? She tells her damn it!!'

I assume that this voice is of a female because it is so good like honey. Though Kurumi is hearing my voice.

As then that voice continued. 

"So that you can use your 12th bullet 'Yud bet' to travel back in time 30 years ago and kill the First Spirit, but to do that, you need a large amount of spirit mana which you don't have at that time. That's why you want to consume Shidou who holds the spirit mana of spirits within him, isn't that right?"

Now, after hearing the explanation, Kurumi calms down a little then replies.

"Yeah. That was right but tell me, how did you all know that?"

Then a smile formed on my face again as that voice stated,

"The truth is, I actually came from a world far away from here. In that world, we watched an Anime named 'Date A Live'. In which, we already watched the story of Shidou Itsuka with the spirits."

'Goddamnit, stop already!!'

I yelled to stop her but she didn't stop.

"Wait! Does that mean the reason why you..."

Kurumi said but that voice interrupted and said,

"Yeah. You're right. That is the reason why I know about you and the others."

That voice replied.


I responded as I returned to my senses as I sat back in my seat.

'I'm a goner for sure now.'

I thought in a daze as my eyes fell towards Kurumi.

After hearing the explanation, She placed her right hand's fingers at her chin while standing her right elbow at her left palm and said in a fruity voice while thinking.

"Hmm...No wonder you know all these."


I responded in a little fear.

Then she suddenly widened her eyes as she remembered something.

Her eyes fell towards me as she says, 

"You said…you watch the story of our world in the format of Anime, right?"


I responded and at the same time I thought,

'It was that damn voice that told you, not me.'

Some sparkling of excitement appears on her eyes as she says, 

"Then it will also have the opening of the series too, right?"

"W-Well, yeah. It does have."

Then she moves towards me as she calls out, 

"Would you please show me the opening?"


I responded. I thought of neglecting her request but after seeing her face.

Damn it. Why is she so terribly cute? I failed to resist her cuteness as I took out my smartphone from my pocket.

I opened the gallery and opened the Opening and Ending of Date A Live which I downloaded.

"Here, take a look."

I said as I gave my smartphone to her by clicking on the play button and the opening starts. 

Kurumi watches the opening while making a stunning facial expression.

She watches all the openings as well as Endings. 

After watching that, She looked at me and said with a surprised smile.

"This is so wonderful."

"Well, I'm glad to see that you liked it."

I said as I smiled then I thought,

'Now, that damned voice already told her the truth and she also didn't react the way I thought then let her watch that too.'

"Let me show you something too."

I said with a smile on my face.

"Hmm? There's more?"

She asked. 

"Just a moment and you will find out."

I replied as I scroll to the apps and opened File manager then I open the document.

 Her expression turns more curious.

Well, she's still holding my smartphone.

I smiled as I found it.

'Date A Live light novels'

I opened it and showed it to her.

"See. There are light novels about your world."

I said with an exciting voice.

She saw the light novels of Date A Live.

She widened her eyes as she saw the illustration of everyone in the light novel front.

Like Tokha in the first volume, Yoshino and Yoshinon in the second one, and herself in the third one, and so on.

"These are our pictures, right?"

She asked me in a surprised voice.


I responded with a little smile.

"I see..."

She responded while scrolling down in the first volume.

She read some lines.

"You're right. It is the same as I hear it from others."

She said while reading the light novel.

It looks amazing to see her reading the light novel of her own world. Hehe.

"Well, I really love these light novels and I'm really grateful to Mr. Kōshi Tachibana for writing such a great novel."

I said with a satisfactory smile while looking towards the sky.

It is really great to be here in a world like this.


Kurumi said while looking at me.


I responded as my eyes falls towards her.

Her expression is confusing as she asked me while placing her right hand's index finger at her chin.

"Um...Who is Kōshi Tachibana?"

I almost fell from my seat after hearing it.

"Huh? What's the matter?"

She responded in surprise.

(sigh) "Well, let me tell you then."

I sighed and said as I sat again in the seat.

I looked towards the sky and began explaining.

"Kōshi Tachibana is a Japanese writer who writes 'Date A Live'. This world was created because of his imagination."

I said as I touched the home button of my smartphone. After understanding the vision, she gave my smartphone back to me.

As I smiled and thought,

'I wonder…if I cleared some queries?'

Suddenly, I heard that voice again,



'It's not the time.'

That voice replies as my anger towards her burst out as I respond,

'Why not?'

Then, I looked at her as I called her,



She responded as her eyes fell towards me.

"I want to ask you something."

I said with seriousness flowing out of my voice.

"Um? What is it?"

She responded.

"Tell me. Is there someone whom you love?"

I requested

"What!? What are you asking?"

She responded in embarrassment after hearing my unpredictable request.



"...Tell me."

I requested

After seeing my request that badly, she lowered her face. Her eyes were hidden because of her front hair.

"Didn't you read the novel? You already know that, right?"

She asked me in a deep voice.

"Yeah... but... is that true?"

I asked, even knowing that person was none other than my friend Shidou.

"Hmm. It is."

She responded in a deep voice while looking down.


I responded.


she continues.


I responded.

Her eyes fell towards me and she asked,

"Why did you ask that?"

She asked in a deep voice.


I responded, then with a sigh, I asked,

"Do you know…I love this world. But did you know why?"

I asked her while trying to hold back my tears.

"Um, no."

She responded.

As I spoke, a brittle smile formed on my face.

"Because in the real world, my life was so different than I wanted. In the real world, I was just a normal high schooler who loves writing and wants to talk about things like stars, galaxies, parallel worlds, and things like this. I don't have many friends in real life. Only a few of them are close. As I used to write, I made some good friends online, like Ayush, Angellily, and many others. You know, I have a good family too. But there's only one thing that is lacking, and do you know what it is?"


She responded that she didn't.

"It is understanding."

So I said in a brittle voice and thus continued.

"All of them are indeed great, but none of them can understand me completely. Not even my parents. She was the only person who could understand me. But..."


She asked.

"She leaves me in this world alone. After her, you're the only person whose words and thoughts bring back light to my life. Indeed, you're in this world and I was there but watching you made me feel revived. I fell in love with you."


She reacted.

Damn, I messed up.

I sighed and closed my eyes while looking down as I said,

"All right. That was a joke."

I lied, and then my voice turned into a serious one as I got up.

"Well, I have some work. Later than."

Then I walked away.


As he went away, Kurumi looked down as she realized that he wasn't lying.

"Just confessing your love doesn't change my feelings, Sajru-chan."

She said to herself in a deep voice.

Then she looks towards the sky and continues, 

"You only saw the struggle that I did for him. But the misery that I face after not getting him is much worse than that. It indeed hurts a lot after seeing him love someone else, but I respect his choice. Seeing him happy with her is enough for me. But still, it is so painful to love someone you can't get."

Then her eyes fell towards the direction where he went, as she said with a brittle smile.

"You sure are an interesting person, Sajru-chan. I just hope that you'll understand…"

Then she lowers her head as she says,

"That love... it's really complicated."

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