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What is In The New World

In The New World is a popular web novel written by the author Yukina_Miu, covering R-18, ADVENTURE, CULTIVATION, MAGIC, ACTION, COMEDY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 110.6K readers with an average rating of 4.48/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 11 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Buy the first Volume on Amazon Kindle for only 7,49$: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NZPNRL5 Misuzawa Shin is your average high school student who had his entire life shattered after becoming the target of mass harassment and bullying from his classmates for being in love with the beautiful and intelligent classmate and childhood friend Akatsuki Hana. No longer able to bear the everyday torment that has been going on for the past six months, he decided to slit his throat and end it all, but before he could do it, he and the rest of his classmates found themselves in an entirely deferent world. My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Yukina_Miu


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If you're a fan of Isekai series or series that are about being teleported into another world then this is a story I would recommend, although it doesn't have a lot of chapters out yet, it's still very good and enjoyable, the writing is very descriptive and amazing so I hope you keep up working on it!


The first chapter was tragic, I mean I really feel bad for the mc for going through all of that, just imagining some of it being done to me... Yeah, I'd rather not. I hope he turns into a badass in that new world and kicks all their asses, besides that the writing is phenomenal and the story could seriously go in any direction so I can't wait to see what happens next.


This novel is the most amazing novel that I have read so far! I was really looking for a novel that could bring me to the sky just by his words and sentences, but now I had found it! I love the novel! And I'm itching for more chapters! I want more chapters!!!


Its the type of story in which the main character is being bullied and then becomes strong. Since there aren't a lot of chapters out I can't say which direction it will take but I hope It's enjoyable. I also hope to see more of the world-building and power systems. The writing is good and characters seem interesting... and there is a lot of gour.


The story is well written and has many details and information so we are not left in the dark about what is going on. I have read many books where we are shoved into a place and are not told anything about what's going on or who anyone is and we are left guessing. This person keeps you informed with what's going through the characters head, what is happening that he knows of so we are kept with him and we know what he knows. Its like you are standing there with him, unable to interact with anything, unable to be heard, unable to help. It helps you feel with the MC! It makes it to where you want to encourage him on his journey because you know what he's been through. It is honestly very moving, for me, at least.


This is a very well written novel! The description is great and lets you picture the scene, and the writing makes you really empathize with the characters. Just pay a bit more attention to the grammar, but other than that, great work!


I hope mc tortures all of his bullies and makes them all undead after he is satisfied with torturing them after he gets enough power even if that child friend of his try to stop him. Honestly I hope he moves on from his crush on her before meeting the group of bullies.


You might think this is just another Isekai story, but give it a try and you'll find out your wrong. the author offers a solid character and storyline.


Reveal spoiler


This novel is pretty great. The first chapter is really tragic though. Bullying at that intensity is only pure torture. Grammar mistakes could be found anywhere but hope you'll improve more as a writer.


Outstanding quality. It has a great amount of detail and depth. Both chapters are very long so I assume you won't be publishing a lot. The premise is great and characters are likeable as well.


There isn't much I can say except that I enjoy it and that's what matters, so keep up the good work and continue printing out the chapters. The second one was much better, especially after he ran away from them and went on his own.


A very descriptive story... yeah those bullying (torture) scenes made my skin crawl. When one said bullying I didn't expect that, but even so, it makes for a great push to make the mc become stronger so continue writing so that I can see it happen.


Look I;ll be honest, on a writing basis, this bk is decent and deserves 4 stars but I am giving this 1 star due to extremely retarded **** that happens here. And also to the false/misinformed reviews People have given this 5 stars for description and I thought it was about characters, emotions and the world, but no,,this description is about the torture MC goes through, like having worms and insects put in his ass and penis, Having the face smashed into toilets and ****,,yah. Thats the amount of torture this MC goes through and no one notices this....not even MC's closet friend, and when she notices she dosnt even look into it, retarded considering how the writer mentions how they were friends for 10 yrs...she dosnt care about her closet friends life.. And MC, my god,,,after all the mind fk and physical torture he goes through that would literally match the scenes from the overlord LN or the SAW movie, he still cares for the chick and has a rational and functioning mind. So be warned to anyone that reads this. Also author delete this an I'll spam u..jesus man, I didnt expect this when I read MihVic review or ur summary,,,, expected some cliche sad ****,,,not this SAW ****. I get fiction BUT why the hell did u put this illogical and senseless **** here?


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the writer had some mistakes but overall made a good story. If i were to add something here and there, it would be nice to see some illustrations.


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This is my initial review to show my support for the author until the story is completed. Keep up the great work, and may you see the rightful end with a renewed soul and purpose in life. You rock! I'm hoping you could also help me with my beloved work, WAR GROUNDS (all caps please. The original version got bugged) by dropping an initial review. Cheers!


How can you even write this long? I'm envious! HAHAHAHAHA! The author is very detailed in her descriptions and narration that the image in my mind is so vivid while I was reading. Kudos to the author!


Well currently there are only two chapters out and I can say it was enjoyable as well as painful to read everything they did to him. For now, I hope you introduce the power system pretty soon so that the **** can finally get real.


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