1 She is left by her, found by them

In the deep forests of Flavigan on a dark night. A woman dressed in golden with splendor like that of a queen is running away from someone the dark forces that lurk after her to ruthless pursue her and the child that she's carrying in her hands, a girl child clothed in fine linen and a necklace with the name Athena, the woman runs as fast as she can and by using her magical powers she manages to kill some of the dark army but is wounded in the process as she continues to run she comes accross a small cottage and having no other choice decides to leave her child there, while the dark army is still searching for her the woman crying bitterly whispers to her baby that she is the future of her people whom one day she has to rescue from the clutches of the Beast and that she has to come back to restore their lost fortunes.She sees a piece of wood and quickly rips off a piece of her clothing and drapes it around the wood disguising it as her child and runs in a way that the dark armies spot her and run after her thus she leads them away from her child. The child begins to cry awaking the people inside, out somes a couple Ramsus and Ada who were crossing the forest from their return from town back to thier village. The couple always wanted a child but were unable to, were more than overjoyed at the amazing sight of the beautiful baby whit beautiful red hair and light blue eyes. Unaware of who this baby was or who were the parents of the baby are they took her inside. Ada" Ramsus we don't know who this child is or where she came from " Ramsus lookingat her says "we cannot leave this child alone in the dark" Looking at her fine colthing it was for sure that she was from a royal household. Ramsus saw the beautiful necklace on the girlchild and opening it were the words princesse Athéna de Carlisleorrinshire

Ramsus and Ada knew at that point that this was no ordinary child but that of royalbloodline and a descendent of a royal family'