"I'm home sweetie."

I heard the door shut after mom's voice echoed towards the living room. She's here and fear is eating me up. I should show up or else she'll come here. I don't want her to see my wound.

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Aside from my wound that's consuming my thoughts, the apathy I feel towards mom Kelly is what stopping me to go out. Seriously, I lost interest about her. It's like she just want to play pretend after our four years of being together. I am slowly giving in to abomination. Disgust is slowly crawling under my skin.

"Mom.", I faked my smile and saw her leaving a demonic smile.

It creeps me out. She never smiled this way before. Those eyes, those reddish brown eyes are telling me something. It's like she's telling me, "One point for me Lucy, you lost.". Why is she smiling like this?

"I came from the grocery. I bought us some essentials.", she is still smiling.

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