Rebecca, Alexander, A.D? I suddenly remember the day I read mom Kelly's letter. That A.D. who happens to be my dad mentioned in his letter the name of his wife, Rebecca, which is my mom. Does that means mom Kelly is my dad's mistress? If this is a coincidence then life must be playing with me really hard. I think I will be insane about all these information.

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Is that the reason why mom Kelly said, I don't deserve to be happy? Is it because my dad loved mom Rebecca until his last breath? Is it because dad left her after becoming a father?

And is that the reason mom killed my dad? Is it because dad cheated on her? Is dad a bad father?

"The large house", that's where the guy is standing in mom Kelly's picture. That's our house? That's my dad? That's the place where mom Rebecca burned him alive?

I think I'll lose my mind after all these information boggle, consuming all the peace and silence my brain has been ignoring for four years of knowing nothing.

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