I am currently dialing Josh's number after I just threw up at the bathroom. After what happened earlier, after I saw mom Kelly's hiding someone at that room, I just can't put myself to sleep. Josh knows something about mom Kelly. I know there's something that he wants me to know about her. Whatever it is, I'm ready to swallow it whole.

"Lucy.", I heard the husk in his voice.

"Are you free tomorrow?", I started speaking, trying hard not to show any weakness.

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"I'm always free for you."

I even imagine him winking that's why I started to press my nose after hearing his words. I usually do that whenever someone tickles my nose, like if someone compliments me, telling me I'm pretty or I'm good with what I'm doing. I should thank the inventor of technology and mobile phones that Josh and I can talk without seeing each other or else he might end up teasing me for pressing my nose or I'll end up as red as a tomato.

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