"Mom, you're going to be late. What's taking you so long?", I asked mom.

It's been an hour and she's still inside the bathroom. Well, it's Saturday and I don't have classes today, but mom? She must be on the road now.

"Mom are you alright?", I called her again.

"Give me a minute Lucy."

I nodded even though there's no chance that she'll see my reaction. I am having breakfast at the kitchen now. Rain's still asleep so I have no one to talk to by this time.

I took a bite of the sandwich mom prepared for me. Then I saw mom casually going out of the bathroom with her red robe. She's looking pale and honestly after her drowning herself with alcohol last time, she drew herself away from me. I can sense a barrier between us and every time I try to destroy it by asking her how is she, it seems like she'll construct another barrier to protect her emotions. Is she trying to make me feel she's strong? We'll I've seen her at her worst already, there's no need to act strong if she's really not okay.

The only thing she told me last night is she'll give me money and I should buy new clothes or dresses with Rain. I don't need new clothes to be honest. I'm fine wearing the same shirts, the same pants, the same beret, the same accessories. There's nothing wrong with that.

Suddenly, my phone rang and as I check it, it's Josh who's trying to contact me. He's been dialing my number since that night. We'll it's easier to ignore his calls than to try acting tough when I saw his eyes. I should stop seeing him or else I'll lose with his charms again.

He has the lightest blue eyes I've ever seen. Getting captivated by his eyes is like looking at the morning sky. How can someone's eyes can be that blue, like a wolf's eyes? The song "God must've spent a little more time on you" really suits him. It's like he was carefully crafted, maybe some hours longer than I was made, to please every beholder's eyes.

Then I heard a loud noise outside the house. I checked the time and it's 8:00 AM already. It may be the dump truck collecting our waste here in the village.

I simply looked by the window and saw the dump truck in front of our gate. I ran and collected the garbage we've been collecting since Thursday. We have a trash bin both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. I picked up the larger bag which is from the kitchen and I was about to put the bag of garbage collected from the bathroom when I saw a box of medicine under the name misoprostol. Why is mom hiding me her medications? She's not like this before.

I reached for my phone and took a photo of the said box of medicine. I'll do a research about this later. I'm intrigued and nervous about mom keeping her medications from me. Is there something about her health that she doesn't want me to know?

I went out with the bag of garbage I have collected from the house. The sun greeted me with a smile for it's shining so bright. The man who just got off the truck met me halfway and I handed him the garbage bag.

When I turned back, I saw mom throwing my bag in the car.

"Get in now. I'll drive you to Rain.", she said wearing her sunglasses.

I ran towards the car and immediately went inside. She was already at the driver's seat, wearing the seat belt. I was about to ask her a question when...

"Mom, are you alri...", she cut my words.

"Here's your money for the shopping. Make sure to buy all you need."

"Thanks mom."

She then ignored me and fasten the car's pace. What's with her these days? Why is she acting strange? Why is she drawing herself away from me?

"Lucy, are you pregnant?"

I spit out the water I was drinking when Rain's mom went asking.

"Mom, it's her mother who's using that; not her!"

Rain handed me the tissue roll and I wiped it to myself for I became a mess with her mom's question. Her mom's a doctor which made it easier for me to collect some information about the medicine mom's taking without me knowing it.

"Is your mom pregnant?", she asked again.

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"I don't know. She gets dizzy most of the time if that makes any sense."

"Is that medicine going to help her with the dizziness she's feeling?", Rain asked her mom.

"No, it's actually an abortion pills."

I widened my eyes and Rain and I both stared at each other. How can my mom become pregnant? She's not dating anybody.

"She's not married to anyone nor she's dating.", my face was wrapped up in confusion.

"Your mom's having a hard time Lucy. You have to be with her at all cost.", Rain's mom said.

"Whoever the father is, that child shouldn't be aborted.", Rain even said.

"Maybe that's the reason why she is always crying, I keep hearing her every night. Maybe she doesn't want this.", I sighed.

"I'll be on duty for the whole day Rain. Lucy, you can call me if you ever need me."

"I think I'll be needing you for the next days doc."

"I'll be on standby. I got you Lucy."

She even kissed her daughter on her cheeks before she left. I was left there with Rain, not really knowing what to do or what to react.

"Girl, you're tired.", Rain said looking at me.

"I am, Rain."

"Let's go shopping and let's unwind."

"We should."

I wore my beret and got my purse from the table.

"Your shirt's wet. Guess you were really shocked about mom asking you if you're pregnant."

"I was like how is that possible? I never had a boyfriend!"

"You had Josh.", she said chuckling.

"Shut up!", I said heading to her room.

"You go pick a shirt right there and change your clothes. I'll be waiting here."

I got myself a black shirt, threw my maroon shirt to Rain's bed and wore what I got from her wardrobe. After that, I went out of her room and saw her waiting for me at their couch.

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