1 Chapter 1

My eyes glued to the laptop screen, my forefinger scrolling down the website for any current job hiring regarding management section in any field.

I bit my thumbnail, not really pulling it out as various questions danced in my brain if my capabilities were enough to get a well-paid job. I was nervous as well as sad since It was going to be my last day tomorrow as the management head and as a vice principal at an elementary school. I've worked there for two years now.

I wasn't getting fired nor was I quitting, I loved my job as it was, admiring children as they jumped around with their tiny feet around the premises. Those innocent smiles glittering under the blue sky, their confused expressions when they don't get something, those curious eyes expecting more from teachers and their energetic aura strengthening us to work even harder. Too sad I wouldn't be able to see it anymore.

Tomorrow was the official closing day for the Johnson elementary school. The school had stood tall for around one hundred ten years now. The sparkling aura of our school has long died down. It isn't famous anymore as it was before. The statistics of the admissions had drastically gone down within fifteen years. We were financially lacking in many areas. So the government had decided to break the building down since the land had been bought by the very famous billionaire—

Lucas Anderson.

I didn't have much knowledge about him but was informed by my roommate that he was known as the alluring prince of the business world. Girls dreamed of having someone like him as their life partner.

How pathetic? Just because he was good looking doesn't mean he was good inside.

No comments. As I said I didn't know much about him so I won't go against him. But I didn't understand the girls' logic. How could they just go after someone when they didn't even know what he was like?

On top of that, he was a werewolf—a freaking werewolf. An Alpha. Not that I was against his kind, but it makes sense that the girls should stay away from him since he has his soul mate somewhere in this world. It will just end up breaking their hearts. Pity them.

I opened a new tab on Google, typing his name down for the fifth time. I didn't even have to work hard to type on his full name as it popped on the recommendation list. Clicking on it, the results showed up on the screen, his images were the first thing I noticed. His handsomeness was sure touching the seven skies above.

Perfectly shaved face with the sharp jawline. Fascinating honey Iris' staring down at the camera. Hickory brown hair was styled back giving him a professional look as well as his prominent sharp features. He had a warm skin tone only intensifying his beauty. No wonder girls were crazy cats around him.

"Heaven," my roomie—Skylar softly called me. "Do you have a minute to talk?"

I glanced at her over my laptop as she sat with a pillow supporting her back on the headboard, fidgeting with the chain on her wrist as she stared at me. Our room wasn't big but it was spacious enough with two single beds on the opposite sides with cupboards attached on the other side of the room along with a joint bathroom.

"What is it? Do you again have issues with your law firm?" I inquired.

"No, no. Not about that—" She sat on the bed, her legs touching the cold cement tiles. "—Look, whatever I'm going to say you have to be open-minded, okay? You shouldn't get mad or sad at me?"

I nodded for her to continue.

She took a moment while gazing down at her slender pale fingers on her lap. I sighed, closing the lid of my laptop as I kept it aside, I got down from my bed crossing over the room to sit beside her. I held her hand in mine.

"What is bothering you tell me?"

"You shouldn't avoid me after I tell you?" Her voice barely a whisper as she looked up at me with slightly teary eyes.

"Unless or until it's you involved in arranging my blind dates—no I don't think I'll be mad or sad at you." She chuckled.

"Now tell me quickly, what are you hiding?"

"I found my mate." She finally revealed it.

"For that you were—what!? You found your what?" I gaped at her for more explanation.

"Mate." She confirmed. "Heaven, please don't put that face. I'll start wondering if you are unhappy with it. I understand you didn't have good memories with them, but please just don't put that face."

"S-so you are telling me that you found your mate. Are you happy?" She nodded.

Skylar and I have been roommates for two years. At first, we weren't that close, but as time passed we got to know each other better. Few things were common in us. Like our hair. We both had shoulder-length black hair, but mine was straight while hers were wavy. We both loathed nail polish even the smell of it has me puking anytime. Also, we disliked the idea of having a werewolf mate. Sure they can be a blessing in humans' life because no one can be as sweet as they can be to their mates. We just didn't want one. They were different from us.

It has been ages since werewolves revealed their existence to humans. No doubt that they were stronger than us, but we didn't back down either. Brutal wars broke out, questions were raised, fingers were pointed, but nothing worked on them. All those creatures wanted was to roam freely as we humans do. All they wanted to have was a normal life along with humans. And they do. They live a normal life, go to parties, do business, study at different academic centres, have a perfect house.

At first, humans were scared to be anywhere near them, but they eventually gave up and started getting along with them. Those wolves were pleased. Fifty per cent of them even have human mates.

"Please Heaven, just try to understand—"

"I'm not mad," I said. "If he makes you happy then I don't think I should be anything but happy for you. My past with werewolves is different. I don't hate them. I am not against mates. They are the best thing to ever happen to someone. It's just that I'm not comfortable being open with them and I don't like being around them. That's it."

I held her shoulders with a soft grip. "I'm happy for you."

"Oh, Heaven." She pulled me in for a heart-warming hug. Her hugs were always the best way to encourage oneself. That's one of many things I liked about her.

I gently pulled away. "Now tell me who is he?"

"His name is Jace. He's the beta of the Dark Crescent Moon Pack." She beamed.

My eyes were wide as I swallowed the given information which was quite hard to do so. They were ranked as number one in the entire country. The Dark Crescent Moon Pack was known as one of the warmest packs in the world. They were caring and saw us, humans, with respect, but they were ruthless when it came to war. Might as well add that their alpha is none other than Lucas Anderson.

But the fact that Beta Jace was her mate was quite impossible to believe.

"Are you saying you are beta Jace's mate?"

She nodded with a bright smile.

I let out a breathy laugh. "That's amazing! God, I can't believe it. Now tell me how long have you been seeing him?"

"It's been almost a month now."

"Look at your carelessness, It's been a month and you tell me now!"

She took my hand in hers. "First of all, I was scared. I didn't know how you would react. Second, I was too overwhelmed by the feelings that I just didn't know how to express them."

"But still you shouldn't have hidden something like that from me," I pouted.

"I'm sorry."

"Why did you suddenly decide to tell me now?"

That made her freeze in her spot, holding a dejected look on her face. I frowned. "Skylar?"

"He wants me to move in with him."

"Move in with you? Now!?" My voice boomed.

"Shh, keep your voice done. These walls aren't soundproofed," she said. "No, not now. But he expects me to move out tomorrow."

"Jeez! So much has happened and you're telling me now. Great." I threw my hands up in exasperation.

"Sorry, I didn't have guts to tell you." She downcasted her eyes.

"You need guts to tell me," I snorted. "Forget it, even if I oppose it's not like you'll stay."

She hugged me from the side, resting her head on my shoulder. "You're the best in handling things. Don't worry I'll be in touch with you."

"When are you leaving?" I asked as she got up from the bed heading towards the wardrobe.

"Tomorrow morning at 7."

I got up too. "Why so early?"

"He said he'll be busy for a few days starting tomorrow. It seems like the Alpha is busy with a few other things too. He expects me to get ready tomorrow early." She explained.

I glowered. "That means I'll be all alone from tomorrow. I don't even have a job to busy myself."

She took out a dress, turning back to look at me, "I'll be in touch with you Heaven. I'll call you every day if that's what keeps you in peace."

"That's not going to assure me," I chuntered. "But still, Promise me."

"Promise. Now go, get ready. We are going out for dinner."

I raised a brow unamused. "Are you compensating me with dinner?"

She laughed, looking for another dress. "One of my colleagues wishes us to dine with him. His name is Michael. He wants to meet you. I talk about you a lot to him. Seems like he's interested in you." She goaded me.

I narrowed my eyes. "Is this your way to tell me that you are taking me on another blind date."

She winked at me and closed the door to the wardrobe after she was done taking two dresses out.

She didn't deny me though.

She came to me and pulled my arm as I glared at her. "Now get ready, we have to leave soon. He won't wait for us forever."

I sighed. "Do I really—"

"Yes, you have to. Listen to what I say before I get angry."

I gave up.

"Fine. But this is the last time, I won't tolerate it if you plan for something like this again."

"You always say that."

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