1 I_The trials of a proplayer

There was no time to give up. We had to prepare for the new season and find our best level. At the same time, bush was telling himself that this was not the best approach. He hoped to take some time to find himself. It was necessary for him and for the team to decompress after this terrible defeat. His experience as a veteran made him a formidable player. Each of these decisions was calculated, and everyone knew that it only took him to set a goal in order to succeed. He might have lost the confidence of his teammates for a short time, but he quickly regained it. He had done everything as a leader to put his team back to a strong state, and make them join his project where everyone is on the same page and united towards the same dream, that of winning a prestigious championship the only one and the only worldcup.

He wanted to regain the trust of his family, he was their hero and it was difficult for them to see him fall so low. He always had to keep his head up and walk forward with pride and courage. Some might think his story is not even worth telling. Who was he to give it so much importance? He was the hero of all those who shared the same passion as him as simple as that. He appeared to be only an ordinary man, with black hair, a slender body, and magnificent light brown eyes. he was very attractive by his youth and vigor. He was much appreciated by his relatives or it seemed so. We sometimes realize that those who are dear to us can make us suffer especially when they speaks badly behind our back!

He liked to live fairly simply, and extravagance did not suit him. We loved him because he was humble, we loved him because he was strong, we loved him because he was just him.

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