2 Chapter 2

[Welcome to the start of your Isekai journey]

I was excited and shocked I expected the opportunity to reincarnate in another world but when you get a confirmation about it you cant help but get excited and from the sound of it the Isekai is guaranteed

[It is indeed guaranteed, courtesy of your predecessor]

"You can read my mind?"

[I am a supreme being unable to hear your thoughts would be ridiculous, I will explain how this works. You will be given the chance to choose a world to reincarnate into and you will be given the chance to make wishes, the number of wishes varies per person. You will be allowed to choose your looks as well but those are all the perks you are allowed outside of your wishes]

"That's great, I thought I would need to wish to decide if I wanted to reincarnate and decide which world my looks and backgrounds and the likes"

[No, when one of the first people to have their wishes granted was here, he used some of his wishes to allow everyone who arrives here to have wishes to have the chance to choose a world, timeline and their looks]

"I cant believe that someone would be willing to give up one of his wishes to help a bunch of random people that he has never met I cant help but have respect for the selflessness of such a person I don't think I could ever do such a thing even if I had more wishes than I need, I wonder what he is like maybe I will meet him once I reincarnate if he hasn't passed away"

[He is indeed a special person, and he is still alive however you will be unable to meet, he mentioned something about reincarnators not wanting to deal with each other because their cheats could interfere with their happiness in their new lives so different parallel universes and worlds exist so reincarnators never meet]

"How many wishes do I have, and I would like to know if my research influenced my karma in any way"

[Well, your actions of helping those in need to earn you good karma were successful, unfortunately you had ulterior motives for helping so think of it as the good things you did helped you earn karma value and your intentions behind your actions as a multiplier, so you barely had any multipliers in your actions. Giving your money to your family and friends when you died helped gave a bit of a multiplier however the rest that went to charity did not have one nor did your research on regeneration. Your total karma however has allowed you to have one unrestrained wish.]

[You should know you cannot wish to become an omnipotent or omniscient being however if you are smart enough with your wish you can figure some way to achieve it on your own or something similar]

"So basically, my actions weren't pointless, and I can indeed reap the benefits of my decisions? Noice, do I make the wish now or is there anything else left to do or that I need to know?"

[No before you make your wish we should decide where you want to go and your looks and timeline, doing things in a systematic order would help you in deciding how specific you want your wish to be, for example if you wished for mastery over technology but went to an era without technology it would not be useless]

He is right, while I doubt, I would make such a useless wish I do want to have every possible advantage I can get from my wish I already know where I plan on going

[Its good you are smart enough to think logically, since you have decided on where to go let us discuss it as well as use the privileges given to you by your predecessors]

"Before we start could I know why i was killed by the robber even though i did nothing to provoke them?"

[Oh yes, the person that robbed the store went to school with you and he suffered abuse by their family because they would always be compared to you so they built up resentment and when they saw you they killed you, normally you would have left after seeing anything about boruto but you went against the flow of fate and it lead to your death which is why you were eligible for reincarnation]

Okay I understand while I'm upset it can't be changed, I would like to reincarnate in Naruto and be in the same generation as him while being about 4 months older or so and I would like to be an orphan, having a family is nice and all but I feel in the Naruto world they would hold me back especially when I don't plan on becoming a shinobi officially oh and before I forget I want to be in Konoha please oh and no dumb butterfly effect that causes new villains to pop out of nowhere

[You requested some things that aren't part of the privilege but I will give them to you as for the butterfly effect thing well I can only promise it wont be ridiculous but it will depend on the will of the world, new adversaries will be created to balance out powerful people but since you have requested it then you get to be the first lucky person, no one has ever requested it and so the will of the world they go to make people that are at their levels of strength pop up from nowhere thus breaking the actual limit of that world]

[The simple version is once you surpass all the Otsuki clan the will of the world wont be able to make anyone stronger than them to deal with you, but you can run into people of their level ahead of time depending on if you do something that affects them, so don't use knowledge from the era of boruto in the era of Naruto understood?]

[Now that you know what you are to deal with let us determine your looks, do you have anyone you wish to look like, or will it be a custom look?]

"I would like to make a custom look, I want to use Abi from Akatsuki no Yona as the base of my looks, I want to have black hair instead, and I want to look a thousand times sexier to women and I want to be 191cm in height and I want my genetics to keep me lean and fit no matter how strong I get, I don't want to end up looking like the raikage and others that focus too much on their muscles also cough cough an 8 inch penis"

[Ahh yes, your insecurity]

"Noooooo, I had an average size but now I want something that keeps the women coming back in this world other than my looks and money"

[You did indeed have an average size, but your insecurity never allowed you be satisfied with it, hopefully you can get past it with your new looks or else a simple genjutsu about it will lead to your death]

[Now for the main reason you are here, your wish. What will it be? While I encourage you to take your time do be quick about it and remember to choose something sensible]

"I already have a wish that I have always wanted but I will make some changes to it so it can be more versatile and allow me to accomplish my goals faster"

"I wish for the magic Arc of Embodiment! But I want changes made to it, it should be much stronger than the original one with less restrictions, I want to be able to make anything I can imagine without even knowing the principle behind it and world I'm in wont nerf it, I want it to be beyond the limit of all anime worlds meaning if I'm strong enough I can go to other anime worlds when I imagine an ability. Instead of magic being needed for it I can use any source of energy I can provide such as mental strength soul strength or reiatsu, chakra, physical strength or stamina like the devil fruits in one piece and other I plan on growing the second I'm out of the womb and most important of all I want the ability burned into my soul so even if I die and reincarnate with my memory or not, I will still wield the ability"

[Done, with your karma I have no issues granting you the wish. Fortunately, you are basically in an omniverse of multiple anime world as long as you are strong enough to make it to the other worlds courtesy of your predecessor again, piece of advice, just because you are the strongest in your world don't assume you will be the strongest in other worlds, I've seen lots of others die because of it]

"I understand, thank you for the advice"

The being stands up and begins to stretch, looks like sitting in that desk isn't as comfortable as you would think it is

[You have no idea, well now that we have concluded our transaction]


[Yes transaction, your karma for the chance to make yourself better than others as well as get wonderful opportunities. Well, its time for you to be on your way, there is indeed a possibility of meeting again if you have lots of good karma but the odds of meeting the requirements to make more wishes will be harder than the first time.]

[I wish you good luck in your new life, you won't have to worry about your life being in danger till you are the age of the protagonist at the start of canon, it doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about danger though some think they are safe but end up as slaves and when they reach the age of the protagonists of their world at the age of canon their protection wears off and they are eventually killed]

"I understand"

So basically, I must watch out for Danzo and other ninjas, they can kidnap me and make my life miserable, but I wont be killed till I turn 12.

[That's right, well our time is up you will be sent on your way in 10 minutes so prepare yourself mentally since you will be going to a world with different moral views from that of your original world. Have a good day]

In a second he was gone, and a timer appeared above my head counting down, this is very nerve wrecking if I am being honest, I normally wouldn't care since I just need to know but there is just something about seeing a timer and knowing when it reaches zero something significant will happen, I guess its just human nature to be tense during countdowns

As the timer reduced, I had enough time to prepare for what is to come and how different my life will be as Anya would say Waku Waku.

The timer went off and everything went dark, but I wasn't worried because I knew this was the start of my new life.


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