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That night, Akihiko and others just decided to celebrate by cooking food. Kushina, Mikoto and Izumi were cooking while Akihiko was playing around with a raw chicken.

*Slap* "What are you doing, step-chicken?"

Everyone heard him and looked at him weirdly so Akihiko just decided to leave the chicken back while talking with Sasuke and Naruto.

After that, the three Uchihas went back to their home while Naruto fell asleep. Akihiko carried Naruto into his room and put the blanket over him.

After that he went back, downstairs, he saw Kushina currently resting on the chair.


[Lose your virginity]

[Reward: Sperm Control]

[Penalty: None]



[Cum inside Kushina]

[Reward: +1000 Chakra]

[Penalty: None]


'Fuck yea. You don't even need to give me a mission to make me do this. I have been making a keikaku for many days.' Akihiko thought before slowly making his way towards Kushina.

He put his arms around Kushina's neck and spoke softly with an innocent voice.

"Kushina-san, my crotch hurts." He spoke.

"Hmph! That won't work on me anymore. I already know that you are not as innocent as you look." Kushina replied.

"I see. Then, I will completely drop the act now, Kushina." Akihiko said as he stopped adressing Kushina as Kushina-san.

"I love you Kushina. I love you very much. I love your eyes, I love your nose, your mouth, your body, your scent. I love everything about you." Akihiko whispered into Kushina's ears.

[a/n: Not gonna lie, the way he's speaking, makes me think that he is a psycho stalker.]

Kushina got embarrassed since Mini-toe didn't do things like this. "W-what d-do y-you mean? I-I am older-, Mmmph."

Before she could finish her sentence, Akihiko turned her head and kissed her.Akihiko pushed his tongue inside her mouth.

Their tongue wrestled with each other for a minute before they parted from each other with a string of saliva connecting both of their mouth.

*Huff* *Huff*

"A-Akihiko-kun, w-w-we s-shouldn't be doing this." Kushina said although her expressions were betraying her.

She had a silly smile on her face and the part of the chair she was sitting on was dripping wet.

"Are you sure, Kushina? Your body is refuting your words." Akihiko said with a grin before picking up Kushina in a princess carry. He could do it as he was currently 5'2 just 6 inches shorter than Kushina. Although he was still 10, he looked like he was 14.

[a/n: Dun know. Found this on the Naruto fandom.]

He carried Kushina to her room and laid her on her bed. Before removing his clothes, he quickly drew seals around the room so that others wouldn't be able to hear their noises.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting for this day?" Akihiko smiled as he put Kushina over his thighs spreading her legs.

He rubbed her pussy while playing with her nipple with the other hand.

The foreplay lasted for 10 minutes and now Kushina was currently laying on her back, breathing heavily as her panties were fully soaked with her juices.

"I am going to put it in now." Akihiko said as he positioned his dick to Kushina's pussy.

He then slammed his cock into her pussy in one thrust. Kushina's eyes rolled back as she squirted, soaking Akihiko's pelvic area with her juices.

"AAAAAAAAH~♥ IT'S SO DEEEEEEEP~♥" She moaned loudly as Akihiko's hard cock reached areas Mini-toe never reached before.

'I guess Mini-toe had a micropenis huh?' Akihiko thought while the slapping sound of flesh rang throughout the room rhythmically.

"AAH, AAH, AAH, AAH." Kushina's moans were in match of the rhythmic beat.

"I'm going to cum. I can't hold in any longer." Akihiko said as he came inside Kushina.

"I'M CUMMING~♥" Kushina also squirted when Akihiko came inside her. Right now, she didn't care about anything else, just the pleasure.


[Mission Completed]

[Reward: Sperm Control]

[Control your own sperm at will]


[Mission Completed]

[Reward: +1000 Chakra]

[Add 1000 chakra to your chakra pool]

Akihiko accepted the reward quickly and then removed the sperm from the semen inside Kushina as he didn't want to become a father at the age of 10.

'There's no mission left. I guess, I will just enjoy my remaining time with Kushina.' Akihiko thought before asking Kushina.

"Wanna go for another round?"

Kushina just nodded as she got on all fours and cleaned Akihiko's dick. She then put the whole dick inside her mouth as she rocked her head back and forth as her mouth made sloppy sounds.

After 10 minutes of blowjob, Akihiko grabbed her head and came right inside her mouth. Kushina just swallowed the cum.

He then turned Kushina the other side and now her ass with facing him. He just pushed his cock inside Kushina's pussy as his cock kissed her womb entrance. He pushed her hips then pulled it back towards him causing her to roll her eyes back and moan in pleasure.

Over the course of 6 hours or so, Akihiko made Kushina, the nine-tailed jinchuriki came countless times.


(While Kushina and Akihiko were having advanced wrestling techniques)

The yin-half of Kurama sealed inside Kushina was looking at the scene with a deadpan face as Kushina was wrestling with a kid her son's age.



(Somewhere inside a Shinigami's stomach)

A blond-haired man with small toes and a micropenis could be seen muttering to himself.

"Huh? Why do I feel like someone just fucked my wife?"

Yes, you guessed it right. It's Mini-toe.

"My name is MINATO!!!"



Total Word Count: 969


Sorry everyone if this isn't to your liking. The 6 hours of wrestling was fast-forwarded as the 4th wall was broken by Mini-toe.

Thank you for understanding. Have a nice day.]

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