1 ch 1 - the beginning

I was born in new york america living a simple ordinary life with a normal job at the age 23.

I only had one hobby watching anime ,reading manga and watching fantasy movies . I was a big otaku . My life was going good but still i always had thought that i was not born this world one day while reading naruto i heard my door bell ring . I went as i saw my latest pokedex collectable out of all 7 my classic pokedex started blinking i oppened it .

Next thing shocked me out of my mind .....

it was a messege from no other then arceus

arceus- if are given opprtuninty would u like to spread pokemon in another world


....i thought of it a joke but still something inside me stired up so i selected yes next thing i remeber was seeing blank white space in which i was floating.....

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