1 1 going to the Naruto world

The MC of this story is a big Naruto fan he loved saskue and haguromo he wanted to be like them his name is Igatsu he was sleeping when he smelled smoke last thing he saw was his house burning down and he went down with it

Igatsu: Where am I

supreme being: you are in my void

Igatsu: Why did you bring me here aren't I supposed to be dead

supreme being: I have brought you here to have a chance to be a god

Igatsu: Let's get this over with so how many wishes am I getting

supreme being: no need for that just ask me for what you want

Igatsu: I want to reincarnate in the naruto world 1 year before naruto is born also I want to have a dojutsu I want it to be red but have white tomes on the side I want it to able to copy jutsus and increases the jutsu power when used and also has a genjutsu that cannot be broken by normal means you have to kill someone you love or you will live forever with eternal pain and also has the ability to erase charkra and absorb it and also I want to be immortal and I want my body to get 10 times stronger each time I age and also I want to have a op system that allows me to buy anything from any universe and also I can buy any bloodline and I want to create a bloodline this bloodline is called god it increase charkra control 10 fold and has a huge amount of charkra and immune to all charkra attacks and also can use jutsu without hand seals and grow stronger each time they fight someone stronger than them also I want for you to become apart of my system

supreme being: well at least I can do all you have said alright bye

[system binding with host complete]

Igatsu: where am I why is it so dark

system: the host is in womb but due to host immense charkra the mother will die

Igatsu: which clan am I in

system: your bloodline has been created into a clan your clan name is masu they are good at everything at the age of 1 they normally start talking and walking also they are known for killing without leaving a trace and their large charkra and other abilities which make them almost invincible but their dojutsu which is the more feared they unlock when they get their first kill and also the full tomes are 9

Igatsu: thanks for letting me know when will I be born

system: 3 months

Igatsu: I want to absorb sage charkra until I am ready to be born

system: okay