20 20.Bell Test

Next morning, Sasuke and Sakura woke up early and went to the training ground at 5. Naruto woke up at 6am and got ready. Had his breakfast, also packed some food and slowly made his way to the training ground. He then saw an Iritated Sasuke and an angry Sakura glaring at him and Sakura spoke "Where the hell were you Naruto? Weren't we supposed to meet at 5am?" Sakura didn't hate Naruto because he didn't pester her in the academy and minded his own business. At this time, Kakashi arrived and hid himself in the training ground which Naruto noticed using Kagura's mind eye.

Then Naruto spoke "I learnt from our sensei yesterday that we have to be late for the appointment and also turn back and take a long route if you come across a black cat. So I arrived late and as it seems, our sensei also is not here yet." Kakashi hearing Naruto frowned and thought 'Yes. He sure is smart'. Naruto then took out the food he packed and said "Here I've already had my breakfast. You guys should have some before Kakashi sensei shows up". Sakura asked "What do you mean Naruto? Sensei said we should skip breakfast".

Naruto shook his head and replied "He told us it's survival exercise and for that we need energy. He also told us that it's up to us if we wanted to skip breakfast. I packed extra as I knew you would follow his words blindly and starve. So eat up." He then handed over the lunch boxes, but they didn't accept them and were thinking. Seeing this Naruto spoke "Look here, I don't want you guys to slow me down in the survival exercise because you don't have energy by skipping your breakfast. So eat up". Sasuke frowned and asked "What do you mean by that you dobe ?" Naruto didn't say anything and placed the lunchbox in Sakura's hands and turned around.

Kakashi was observing the three of them thinking 'Naruto is smart. Sakura is obsessed with Sasuke and Sasuke is obsessed with revenge. I don't know weather this team will work out in the end'. At this time, he saw Naruto looking at his hiding spot with a smirk which surprised him greatly 'Did he find me here?' He thought. Sakura then handed one of the boxes to Sasuke, which he didn't accept. Sakura also seeing this, put both boxes on he ground and sat there. Naruto just shook his head. At this time Kakashi appeared "Sorry I was late. I helped an old...." Naruto interrupted him "Yeah I know. You helped an old lady cross the road".

Kakashi frowned, but continued "Now we will start the exercise." He then took out two bells and said "This is a pair of Bells. You have to collect it from me before lunch time. If you are unable to collect it by then, you will be sent back to the academy". Hearing this, Sakura chimed in "Kakashi sensei, there are only two bells" to which he replied "Only two of you are passing this test and becoming a genin. Now when I countdown to 1, hide yourself well". He then started to count, but Naruto interrupted him "Say, Kakashi sensei, can I change my team?"

Kakashi stopped counting hearing Naruto and asked "What do you mean Naruto? Why do you say you want to change teams?" Naruto replied "Kakashi sensei, you must have judged our characters by now and made your own assessment on us. Sasuke is a loner. Sakura only does things that she thinks will please Sasuke. As you were hiding in the tree and watching us, you must have seen me offer them breakfast and Sakura accepted it, but seeing Sasuke didn't eat it, she too refused to eat. I understand that the point of you having two bells is to make us fight among ourselves and break up the team,

But as you can see, in this team, Sasuke will try to take the bells alone and Sakura will not know what to do. If I somehow get both the bells, Sasuke will fight me for it and Sakura will easily take his side. The breakfast I packed earlier was also meant to test my teammates and learn whether we can work together, but it failed. So I want to change to a reliable team who can work with their teammates. I hope you can understand". Kakashi was surprised and happy as he thought to himself 'Sensei, your son is too smart. Maybe as smart as a Nara. He figured everything out as soon as I took out only two bells and also judged the characters of his teammates accurately.'

He then looked at Naruto and answered "I'm sorry Naruto. Teams are formed by the Hokage and cannot be changed once formed." Sasuke was angry hearing Naruto speak and Sakura also frowned. Naruto just shook his head and spoke "Then Kakashi sensei, change the test and instead of testing the teamwork, you can test personal capabilities as teamwork is not possible in this team." Kakashi frowned and said "Naruto, I cannot do that. The test will be the same and you have to get the bells". Naruto sighed. Then Kakashi started his countdown.

As soon as he started his countdown, Sasuke and Sakura hid themselves. Naruto just smiled and disappeared and a log appeared in his place. Kakashi thought 'A substitution? How did he learn that? Anyway, they have hidden themselves well, Eh! Where's Naruto? I can't find him'. Soon Sasuke appeared in front of Kakashi and attacked him with "Fire style- Fire ball jutsu". Kakashi evaded it easily. Then Sasuke engaged him in Taijutsu battle. Kakashi thought 'Naruto was right. Sasuke is a loner. But I can understand that because of his circumstances.' Then he used substitution and escaped.

Kakashi then approached Sakura and put her in a Genjutsu. She started screaming, but a shadow clone of Naruto appeared behind her and released her from the Genjutsu. She looked at Naruto and said "Thank you Naruto". Naruto's clone didn't reply anything and started engaging with Kakashi in close combat. Sasuke taking this chance, used "Fire style - Phoenix flower jutsu". Not caring weather he would hit Naruto as well. Seeing this Kakashi frowned, but evaded the attack by pushing Naruto clone as well.

Sakura not wanting to stay doing nothing, threw some shuriken at Kakashi which he evaded them with ease. Taking this chance, The original Naruto came up from underground and muttered "More More speed 30" and vanished and appeared below Kakashi and swiped the bells. Kakashi wasn't using his sharingan and so he couldn't follow Naruto's moments as he wasn't ready and never thought that a genin would be this fast. Finally Naruto stood with two bells in his hands. Kakashi shook his head and thought 'how is he so fast?'.

At this time, Sasuke and Sakura approached Naruto. He threw a bell to both of them and said "You can pass. I don't want you to fight me for the bell. I don't care if I become a ninja or not. I'm going home" Sakura was reluctant, but she said "No, Naruto. I will fail. You both are strong enough to pass so you take it". Sasuke snorted "Hmph. I don't want to pass while all the work is done by you". Hearing them speak, Kakashi came to a conclusion and thought 'They are rough now, but they can work as a team in the future. Let's give them a chance'. He than announced "All three of you passed.

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