5 Chapter – 5: Rebirth and Sophos's Gift

[Third person POV]

A couple of days ago.

Aston finds himself back inside somewhere similar to the void that he was in previously. But the only difference is he could feel was his body. He finally felt it again, the feeling of being inside the flesh. Although he seemed to be tiny and couldn't move much as he seemed to be in some enclosed space, he had no complaints.

He tried opening his eyes a couple of times but failed. Finally, he gave up and tried to feel his surroundings. When he concentrated, he felt like he was surrounded by warm fluids. That confirmed it, he was still inside the womb.

'Ah this sucks, I should have asked Sophos to put me inside a grown body! no use crying over spilled milk I guess.'

[Beep! Initiating Administrative Authority Transfer Protocol #000]

[1%… 2%… 10%… 20%… 50%…90%… 99%… 100% Administrative Authority Transfer Complete!]

[Beep! All systems online.]

[Congratulations Host!]

'Ah! My own A. I chip! Yay!' thought Aston.

[Beep! One message found in memory. Determined to be from 'Eight-Winged Angel, Sophos.' Do you wish to view it?]

'Oh, from Sophos,' ponders Aston, 'Yes.'

A pale blue display appears before him like a hologram even with his eyes closed he could still see it vividly.

[Hello, Mr. Carter! When you see this, I assume you are about to be born. Let me give you a quick intro on how your purchased items work.]

[First, the A. I chip will work exactly like how you remember it from the novel you have read. I have already merged it into your soul and handed you the Authority over it. Just call out for it and it will respond.]

[Second, the Spacial Artifact I promised also has already been linked to your soul. However, for safety reasons, you will not be able to enter it until you have sufficient physical strength and have unlocked your chakra. Once you do, try feeling it in your soul and you will be able to find it.]

[I am very happy with your purchases, so as a parting gift, instead of increasing the probability for three clans by 30%, I have upped it by 60% for Uchiha and 30% for Hyuuga. Also, I have added a little of something else, it's like a blessing that will ensure a safe birth. Hope you will get to be born in your favorite clan. Maybe next time we will meet as fellow Angels. Have a wonderful life. Sophos out!]

'What is He scheming now?' Aston thought, 'From what I understood, Sophos seemed like someone who would never agree to suffer a loss. So, why did he do it? Ah, let's think about it later, I have more important things to do.'

'A. I chip scan my body, and display my body's stats!'

[Beep! Scanning…]

[Beep! Scan complete!] [Unnamed (Aston Carter). Strength: 0.1, Agility: 0.1, Vitality: 0.2, Sprit: 1, Bloodline: Unknown (Unawakened), Status: Inside womb, Healthy.]

'That's good, my Spirit is slightly high, same as an average adult, probably due to reincarnation. But my other attributes are normal for an unborn child. Also, the Bloodline! High chance it is either Uchiha or Hyuuga, but I still can't rule out others, but the probability is small.'

'A.I. Chip! Scan the entirety of my memory and arrange it!'

[Beep! Task Established! Starting arrangement!]

[Data sorting has been completed!]

'Create a new file named Aston Carter and save it.'

[Beep! File created – Aston Carter!]

Suddenly something feels off, 'Something isn't right!'.

'A. I chip scan my Mother's body and display the stats.'

[Beep! Scanning complete!] [Name: Unknown, Strength: ?, Agility: ?, Vitality: ?, Sprit: ?, Status: Pregnant (Injured), multiple internal injuries found.]

'A. I chip, calculate the probability of success for my birth and of my mother surviving it with these injuries.'

[Beep! Done! Probability of surviving, Child: 93.23% (Unknown energy protecting Amniotic Sac, has the effect of decreasing complications during childbirth), Mother: 3.7%]

'Must be the blessing Sophos mentioned, but it only protects me dammit!' laments Aston. Even in his previous life, he wasn't much attached to his parents, much less now he hasn't even seen her. Still, he thought having protection from parents was good to have in this cruel world of shinobi.

**Time Skip to today**

Being born was a horrible experience for Aston. Imagine the worst thing you have experienced recently, now imagine something a hundred times worse than that, that's how he felt right now.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he caught sight of his mother. How did he know? call it intuition, or the magic from deep within his blood. He just knew this person is his new mother and she was about to die!

This thought, resonated with his blood somehow.

'A. I chip record! record every single detail!' he shouted internally.

The women seemed to speak in some unknown language with tears and stared deep into his eyes. Seeing those eyes that had only love, something snapped inside of him. His eyes started to suck something he didn't know existed inside of him.

[Beep! Warning! Warning!]

Aston knew he would never be able to connect emotionally with this mother of his and he also knew what was happening to his eyes is dangerous and might result in death because of chakra drain, he doesn't know why he didn't fight against it at all, more like his body didn't want him to fight back, as he continued to ignore the A. I chip's warnings. He just let everything play out until finally, he saw his mother close her eyes with a satisfied smile on her lips.

'You could have killed me when it was dangerous for you and you might have lived, but you didn't. For the unconditional love that you have shown me, totally worth it to suffer a small inconvenience! This is the only thing I can do to thank you, Goodbye Mother. Hope you have a good next life,' thought Aston before passing out due to chakra drain.

[Beep! Recording saved.]

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