2 Chapter – 2: Pursuit begins – Part 2

[Third person POV]

"Wow, that's actually huge!" exclaims Sophos, "So, the first part is now over. The Sphere of Fate has determined you have 187,656,342 KP (Karma Points)."

"Next, you can either reincarnate directly, in which case you will be sent to a random world. But you will get to keep your Karma Points. Or, you can spend KPs to buy some treasures or abilities here, which you will be able to carry to your new life. What will you choose?" asked Sophos.

"Mmm, before I choose, can you please tell me what the pros/cons of these choices?"

"Ah, clever! Most people forget to even ask, that is to be expected from your profession I guess," says Sophos, "The second option is easy to understand, you can buy stuff from me and take it with you, simple right? The first option however is tricky, how do you think a world will determine who should receive fortunate encounters or some sudden insight?"

"Karma Points!" exclaims Aston.

"Exactly, it is hard to estimate what the value of keeping KPs is actually. I have seen people keep it and strike gold after reincarnating and I have also seen people waste away their life too. So, this is your personal choice."

"Just one last question, will I be able to keep my memories after reincarnating?"

"Mmm, What do you think makes a person? is it the body? or the soul? Wrong! It's the memories and experiences that make you who you are. You are essentially asking to be reborn as your whole self!"

"So, it's not possible then?"

"No, no, it's very much possible. But it will take a huge amount of KPs to do it, more than half of what you have. Do you still want to do it?" asks Sophos looking curiously at him.

Aston didn't even think for a second and said "Yes," because he agreed with Sophos, without his experiences, he would not be himself anymore.

"You are one interesting fellow," says Sophos jovially, "Ok, if that is your choice, it takes a hundred million KPs to reincarnate you with your memories. Guess what, since you are making such a huge deal with me, if you spend all your KPs, I will throw in an extra ten percent discount, how about it? And you don't have to worry, all the deals made here are under the protection of the Almighty's Will. So, you don't have to worry about me scamming or going back on my words because it is not worth the risk for me."

"Before I continue, Can I ask why you are doing this? I mean no reason for you to give me discounts and all right? It's like you want me to spend all my KPs. You seem more like a businessman trying to sell his products not an angel at all."

"Haha, No secret actually, the currency we angels use when transacting with each other is also the KPs we earned. For every deal I make, I can get 50% KPs for myself. So, the more you spend the better for me. And it is rare for someone to have as much as you below Level 5, so a small discount is nothing at all if it makes you spend more," a huge grin breaks out on Sophos's face.

"So, you really are a businessman!" Exclaims Aston, "Ok, I guess. Can I choose which world to reincarnate into and the circumstances of my next life?"

"No, that is not within one's control. You see, when a soul enters here, your fates with other worlds are already determined. Fear not, there is one little loophole. I can, for a certain price, make it so that you will be able to reincarnate in one of the worlds known to you that you have the highest affinity for. But before that, we have to see your fate, shall we?" says Sophos and taps twice on the white globe again.

With that simple action, Aston could feel something warm enter his hand from the globe. He trembles as the warmth spreads all over him. After making a quick tour of his body it quickly fades away and everything returns to how it was previously. Everything except the pale blue tile hovering above his head.

[Name: Aston Carter, KP: 187,656,342, Fated Worlds: Naruto 3.4567%, Harry Potter 2.12%, One Piece 2.0912%, …]

"As you can see, from your known worlds, you have the highest affinity for Naruto's World. Do you want to be reborn there? Or would you like to take the one you are most fated for?"

This time Aston didn't answer right away, but asks, "How much will it cost me to go there?"

"That will depend on how much fate you have for the world, let's see," says Sophos and takes something akin to a calculator out of nowhere and starts to type stuff. After a couple of seconds, "You don't have a large fate for it, so it will cost you three million KPs to be reborn there."

"Ok then, I will take it, but I want to choose where and when I will be reborn," says Aston.

"Sure, but you can only choose the location and timeline, the world will determine your parents, clan, etc."

"That's fine, but I would like to add that I want to be reborn as a male, don't want to change genders and I would at least be able to practice ninjutsu."

"That is acceptable," says Sophos while nodding.

"Ok, then I choose Konoha of course, as for the timeline, I choose to be born a couple of years earlier than Kakashi."

Sophos starts typing on his calculator again, "Ok, your total now is 100 million for your memories, 3 million for Naruto world, and 11.5 million from your other choices, after the 10% discount I added, you are left with 89,921,976.2 KPs, lets round that to 90 million left."

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