1 1st chapter.

In a dense forest where even light/sun rays have to put efforts to enter, a man nearly 30 years old with black hair, slightly tan or brownish skin color, and average-sized natural muscles and is nearly 6 feet with sweat run through his face and dripping from chin drop by drop can be seen chopping wood with his worn-out ax, behind him one can see a run-down house or cabin which is on its last breath.

The man's name is KAAL DENARIO in which kaal is a Sanskrit(language) word which means Time (some time darkness also) and later is a family name, his father is from Los Angeles, California, and his mother which he has never seen due to her being missing just after his birth who's from Indian origins.

Kaal has faced child abuse to the extremes because of his father who blames him for his mother's disappearance, his father comes home drunk and beat the shit out of him and sometimes smash the alcohol bottle which is quite sturdy and thick and won't break after one hit on the body leaving kaal curse the bottling company, kaal due to his different facial features and skin tone has never been friends with anyone and thus become a lone wolf in a cruel world, and even teachers which are supposed to be promoting equality despised him which they show openly by giving him extra punishment which is only lower and less painful of jews go through in concentration camps, they pick a wooden bamboo stick and hit him on his hand but not on the palm but on the upper face of his hand which is on his bone and after hitting him they make him stand all period with hand forward if his hand lowered the closest student will beat him with a stick which the student does happily.

Thus one day when his emotion was in haywire with the main emotion being sadness but due to regularly crying he has built-in resistance to tears thus leading him to cry inwardly which is more difficult, apparently his father is a huge fan of reading thus he has huge only secondary to a library's size book collection which he reads often, thus he sat in corner lips quivering uncontrollably as he reads an emotional novel who's story is almost similar to his life.

As he was having flashbacks of the life he has to liven up until now the door to the house opened's up a figure came from there with a bottle of half-empty alcohol as he comes inside his gaze fell on kaal as his face contorts to disgust, anger, grief(for kaal's mother) as he shouted at him.

"What the hell are you doing here!! can't your useless brain process normal commonsense that when someone comes you should get out of their sight's what if someone sees you and have a heart attack due to you being the embodiment of misfortune huh!!!"

then he raises his hand and swings the bottle down at kaal's head and surprisingly the bottle broke in one swing and blood flow's from kaal's head as shouted in pain


kaal's mind goes numb as many emotion's combined to one that's anger with all his life's flashbacks directly feeding the growing anger as he eventually grabs the largest piece of broken glass bottle in hand tightly nearly drawing blood from his hand and with his other hand he grabs the book he was reading which was very heavy and thick almost the size of his hand smallest finger and then standing up he says,

"you don't love me, you don't kill me you just come and beat me what have I ever done to you if you can't love then at least let me live peacefully. But you just don't get it do you, everything in the world has a limit that should not be crossed but you have done it now. Now it's rather you or me-"

"don't you fucking use that cringe line's on me you useless piece of shit!!?"

Apparently his father didn't let him continue his dialogue and punched right above his chin making him spray blood on the floor, it seems his father of Goku from dragon ball Z and does not wait for opponents and just jump into action.

standing up kaal spits blood res saliva on the floor and say' with determination

"come on bastard let's see what you got"

He then fastly performs a plan and ran at his father who's about to say something but kaal swing's his hand which has book and smack the book in his father's mouth which now has a book in it, as his father falls on the ground kaal quickly gets up and with full force punches the book in his father's mouth to prevent him from shouting and informing the neighbors who both wife and husband are a police officer's then throwing 2-3 more punches and blood coming from his father's mouth he lodged the book in his father's mouth by dislocating his jaw, his father swings his hand which has the mouth of the shattered bottle in his hand which very sharp kaal barely get's out from its trajectory his father grip loosens on bottleneck hand it goes flying on window shattering it which alarms the neighbors.

Kaal has very little time left now that neighbors should be coming at any moment as he began to form a plan as he watches his father trying to take the book out .as he was thinking doorbell rang much to kaal's horror not due to being sent to jail but because of finishing his piece of shit father and thus his gaze fell on a sharp piece of glass as he ran at his father jumping at his and lodge glass at his neck.


an unintelligent sound rang in the hall now the house door was being smacked as if trying to break open but kaal ignored it all as watched his father's horror and the fear-filled eye's as he watched kaal with tears and snot covering face but it was partially because of glass embedded on his neck another reason being kaal's face who was smiling ear to ear showing his shining white teeth his eye's stretched to limit as his hair was sticking to his forehead due to being soaked in blood his face was all bloodied as he breathes little fast as blood dripped from his chin drop by drop now and then.

kaal grips the glass shard and twisted it churning and breaking sound was heard as the glass was cutting his father's neck and tips of glass breaking inside of his father's neck as his father's eye's were closing kaal let go of the glass and stand up weakly and come in front of his father and say's

"I wish if you were to be reincarnated-"

kaal then kicks his father's balls very hard as a sound rang the hall


"God makes you dysfunctional so nobody has to go through the suffering which I have to go through."



some people entered the house and drew cold breath at the scene of bloodied mess, first one to recover was the police officer who was kaal's neighbor and shouted,


kaal's eyes were going hazy as he can't comprehend what the officer was saying and finally grew unconscious and falls on the floor with a smile.


After some time kaal wake up in a dark prison cell and said he will be put on trial after a week.

thus he was standing in a box in front of the judge and on the side's jury, kaal could feel everyone's disgust stares being directed on him and knows what will happen of him now as after some time of his lawyer which was provided by the government rambling some shit and clearly seen to not even trying to win judge asks kaal,

"kaal denario do you accept the crime of murdering your father! "


"but you just confessed before of your crime why are you saying no now!"

"because I and like saying NO!! so, NO!!"

thus he was sentenced to child prison for 10 years.


After 10 years of imprisonment, kaal was now 18 y/o. He got out of jail returned to 'his' 'home' which after 1 month he sell with some money he started a new business car manufacturing even if the tragic childhood he can be considered a low-level genius thus after 4 years of blood and sweat he made his company 8th largest car manufacturing company in the world.

He lived his life comfortably without provoking and angering anyone except some young masters who came to meet him due to some deals and just demanded him to hand over his company to them or face consequences for disobeying, kaal without getting angry kicked them on their face knocking some tooth out of their mouth 'humbly'. He also made some friends who were shareholders in his company mainly his girlfriend Marie's brother josh wington who has the second-largest share's in the company after kaal and he trust's josh almost unconditionally, but it proved to be rather disastrous because one day when Marie and him having dinner she secretly mixed paralyzing poison on him took his fingerprints on company's paper all the while kaal watching this helplessly and red eyes full of anger than his brother came with some bodyguard and ordered them to throw him in the jungle so he dies by animals feeding of him his eyes finally has some tears in it while looking at josh

"Blame your shit luck dude, hope you learn lessons in the afterlife bitch, Bye!!"

Now kaal was lying on the grass of the jungle while hearing howls and ratlings of animals and insects but by some miracle he lived to see tomorrow's sun after this, he decided to simply live in the jungle, thus the start of his jungle life.

after some years nobody can blame him if his life events slowly deteriorate his mind making him half crazy or maniacal, he doesn't take revenge because he has already made a will in which he stated in case he disappears his money should go to the orphanage and next CEO should be the one he selected which was a hardworking employee in his company so the siblings gained nothing.

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