61 Chapter 61

As Reiko was about to get kidnapped, everything has frozen. Lee had that small realisation. But he didn't have time to think of it.

He was aware that he has a few precious seconds. Once they pass, he may lose them. He didn't want to waste this chance.

Looking at the Kurogiri, who was stopped just like everything else, Lee took a deep breath.

Honestly, he felt so angry about the villain's action. Not only had they tried to harm him, but people around him.

Lee, although he had some moral lines, he didn't like people like Kurogiri. It would be good to take advantage of time stop to get rid of him.

Star Platinum left his body, made a fist, and punched the rings on the dark fog neck.

The punch had pierced Kurogiri's neck. 'Good,' Lee thought as Star Platinum gave Kurogiri more punches.

Once Star Platinum was done from making fists rush, Kurogiri's body has yet to move. It was like it froze in time itself and only would react to the hits once the time starts flowing again.

"Now, you'll die without even feeling or knowing how," Lee said, before looking at the poor Reiko, who was closing her eyes. Lee felt a bit sorry for her as he stared at her frozen body. She was just a timid girl.

The Stand quickly grabbed Reiko and threw her a bit in the air, and her body froze up.

Looking at Kurogiri, Lee had just one more idea, just a gift for the boss behind the scenes

He picked up a series of rocks and used the Stand's power to throw them at an unimaginable speed.

The rocks sank in the portal, just like Kurogiri's body.

'Now it's done,'

Once Lee breathed in relief, he felt some pressure around him.

Time started to flow and then things started to move again.

"Good Grie—"

But before Lee could complete his words, his body was hit by something so fast and strong that he fell on his back and felt sever pain. Like he had been hit by a truck. Luckily, his body was strong. Or something else may happen.

Looking up, he saw Julia, his mom, holding her head with both hands.

"Lee…" she murmured as she looked down, astonished.

"Mom! What was that!" Lee exclaimed as he didn't expect her body to hit him.

"I don't know," Julia said, "I didn't expect that I would go this fast. It was like the limit of my Quirk was broken… hey, how did you get in front of me anyway." She then looked behind Lee, to see that Kurogiri had vanished.

Angry, she stomped with her foot, breaking a rock underneath.

"Right," Lee jumped and stood up.

He had just stopped time and forgot that she was on her way.

Geez. This is violence.

"Waa…" a shy scream hit their ears.

Lee unconsciously extended his hand as he remembered Reiko. Her body fell and she was between his arms. Looking down, at her silver hair and closed eye, Lee smiled. He knew that she must be afraid to still closing her eyes.

He needed to tell her that she is fine.

"Open your eyes, you're fine."

Automatically, when she heard his voice, Reiko extended her arms in ghost position and opened her eyes.

"Lee!" Seeing his face, she yelled

"You are in no danger now," Lee assured her safety and let a smile.

Dang it, he did what All Might had told him to do. But whatever. That smile quickly vanished as soon as it came.

Reiko had a slight blush on her face. Lee was surprised to see that. She can blush!

Very soon, Lee realised that his hand was on her arse, while the other was around her back, while her body was closer to his. But he didn't care, as he was more focusing on the safety of the hostage.


From behind, Mt. Lady was rubbing her eyes.

Things just happened in no time from her perspective.

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Just as Kurogiri was about to vanish, Julia vanished from her place, but that was expected, given the nature of her Quirk.

However, what she didn't understand was the millisecond after that.

Just when Lee decided to move, Kurogiri has vanished, Reiko appeared in the mid of the air, and Lee was hit by his mom's body.

Just, it was like everything exchanged place.

But focusing on the good news, the hostage was safe.

She sighed in relief, 'that macho brat.'

Yu then smiled when she looked at Lee. He was such an interesting guy in her eyes. Given the interaction, she had with him, and the two times she kissed his cheek, she was sure that he was as fine as a real man can be. He isn't a kid in her eyes now, but more attractive than older heroes.

But first, she has to check his state, as he had just dealt with a harsh situation.

She needed to be there for his support. Otherwise. What kind of heroes she would be.


Looking beside her, the winged Nomu made a movement. Scoffing, she grew her size quickly and stomped him again until he wasn't able to move, then went back to her size and walked toward the three as nothing has happened.


"Ahem," Reiko coughed, turned her eye to the other side, and said with the timed voice of her, "Lee san."

"Yes," Lee answered as he was looking up. His mouth was on autopilot mode as his mind was somewhere else.

Lee had released that he had done it.

Stopping time.

Saving Reiko wasn't the first time he had stopped time, but when the three Nomus attacked him in one moment, that when he had stopped time, as he was sure that he wasn't strong enough to deal with one of them… had been, now he's taken the life of two.

Time Stop, the power he had been trying to unlock for more than a year.


"Thank you. I was affected when I saw how you rushed… I was afraid that I didn't know what to do."

Reiko lifted her head and made an eye contact with Lee who was looking forward.

Although she was a girl who barely shows emotions, it didn't mean that she didn't have any.

She was only a timid person.

Feeling his hand, looking at his tall body, not to mention that he's a Quirk like hers, only stronger, she felt just close to him.

Too bad that her friend, Itsuka, declared him.

Looking at Lee, he didn't answer her as he seemed to think about something. She wondered what that maybe.


Switching his eyes to the beautiful Yu, Lee sighed. This girl is about to kill steal, isn't she?

He can't just absorb the life from the Nomu in front of her or others he has yet to trust fully, even when Mt Lady looked to be a good person.

Such a technique that can absorb life can turn him into a public enemy for sure. So he decided to be careful when to use it, and have a good excuse.

He turned his eyes to Julia, who was just raising her eyebrow as if giving a thumb up. Then she started talking.

"Something. My Quirk seemed to be affected by your technique." She said.

"My technique?" she didn't say its name meaning the Life Hamon.

"Mm." Julia nodded. "At last, my limit was 70 times increase and 1 on 70 decreases. Now it's different."

"How much." Lee opened his eyes widely as a realisation stroke him.


Quirks are like muscles.

Life Hamon increases the strength of muscle, so it can apply to the Quirk cells.

"I need to measure it when my vacation is over." She sighed as a smirk was drawn on her face. Lee could tell that she was planning to do something.

"Mom." Lee stared at her.

"Yes." She lifted an eyebrow and waited for what he has to say.

"I think you should increase my allowance." Lee firmly said. He had just done her a favour and needs to state some demands.

"What about my car." Julia teased, knowing what he thought of, "your choice, money or the car. You like the money, fine, I'll –"

"I'll take the car! I haven't changed my mind." Lee smiled as he remembered his car now. Tokyo drift isn't so far. Though, he was daydreaming as if he had forgotten about Reiko who was between his arms and looking at him.


Although she knew that he was taken, Reiko, the longer she was held between his arms, the more she felt that Lee was attracting her.

For a timed person like her, a guy like Lee was like magnetic. She could clearly rely on him.

Not to mention that she had a crush on him ever since she learned about his Quirk.

Just as he had been talking with his mom, she had been staring at his muscles while feeling his touch.

Taking a deep breath, she decided.

'I don't want to regret again. I was so afraid when villains took me. I can't feel afraid of this.'

'Doing this can't be scarier than the villains.'


As I was smiling, I felt something small, soft, hitting against the corner of my lip. Arms were wrapped against my torso and only one hand was lifting her from her butt.

Moving my eye down, I saw the silver hair, which covered the half of a pretty face, then, one closed eye. She was blushing.

Her lip position then shifted and was on mine now. A tickling feeling runs across me which source was my lip.

'What the…' I was surprised when I felt her Reiko a small kiss on my mouth.

A good feeling, yet a huge surprise took over me when her eyes met with mine.

She then pulled her face back, stared at me.

I paused and stared back at her eyes, as her hair moved down and her whole face was revealed in front of me.

It was surprising.

Even though she knew that I was dating Itsuka, she did that.

"I…" I was about to say something.


"I can't see anything. Where am I" Reiko said, "The fog guy put something to drug me." "You are here."

She then fainted between my arms, turned her face, and a redness filled her cheeks.

'The ****…'

Given her breathing rate, I know that she was faking sleeping.

I let my fingers open her eyelids to see her pupils behind, which meant that she was awake.

Her cheeks blushed, and I could feel her heart beating faster and faster.

"Yare Yare Daze."

Good, she isn't drugged, but embarrassed.

Although it was surprising, sneaky, she had just passed by a lot, so I decided I let her have it and pretended to buy her act.

I sighed as I took my hand back to see someone standing in front of me.

"Mt. Lady, can you take her." I turned to Mt Lady.

But she seemed to stare to me, sharply, before scoffing. "I'll take her to the doctor."

She came close, increased her height around foot, and was at my height. She then took Reiko from me and lifted her.

"I'll appreciate that." I thanked her with a smile. I don't know, but getting kissed in front of your crush, while she gives you that look with her purple eye, leaves a weird feeling. Hey, it's not like that I was the one to take the initiative.

She was now eye to eye level. I kept only staring at her purple pretty eyes.

She coldly said, "You're doing a good job as a hero, I guess we'll see each other more often after the Festival."

"Who knows," I shrugged my shoulder.

Still holding Reiko, Yu's face got close to fast all of the sudden, placed her lip on my cheek, and licked.

In a moment of surprise, her tongue extended to the corner of my mouth.

The moment I gasped, and opened my mouth, the now tall blondie put her lips on mine and let her tongue inside me.

I opened my eyes widely. Yu was kissing me and having her tongue inside of me. And it felt better than the kiss I had just taken. And I let my tongue touch hers as I was tempted.

By instinct, my ripples slipped.

Yu closed her purple eyes, let her tongue dance inside, and moaned inside of my mouth, as her cheeks started turning red. And I was kissing back.

The kiss was just mind-blowing. When it ended, I stared at the blonde woman, blanked.

I didn't believe my day simply so I exclaimed. "Huh."

"I only have done this so make sure that she didn't get the drug inside you." Yu pointed to the sleeping blushing Reiko. " She may get you drugged, so I had to test you."

Like she had wanted to say that she wanted to taste a drug?

"Thanks…" I could only say this as I was still feeling fluff from the way we just kissed.

"Humph," she harrumphed, increased her size, and turned to take Reiko to a near hospital.

"What a pain," I sighed.

"Oh my…" Julia raised double eyebrows as she lifted two fingers. She then sighed. "I'll tell Itsuka."

Hearing her, I stared at her, eyes wide opened. "You…"

She pulled her phone, took a picture to me, and came closer and patted my back. "Relax, just kidding. I just want to tease my son, and have a picture."

Julia laughed and then walked around.

I was left alone and was looking at the ground while deeply thinking of what happened today. Two girls had kissed me, and I kissed one of them back. 'Itsuka may kill me if she found out.'

'that, IF.'

I took a deep breath, calmed myself, and looked at the side.

Very soon, the other heroes had arrived at this location.


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