53 Chapter 53

As Lee was facing Shoto who activated both his ice and fire, an unexpected meeting was happening.



She blinked twice as she didn't expect to meet her ex-boyfriend here, who happened to be secretly a married person who tried to create a kid with perfect Quirk.

Enji Todoroki looked to stop cheering up for his son who just used his fire.

"It has been a long time." He was looking at her and blinking. "I didn't know that you came back to Japan."

"Why would you know anyway," Ignoring him, Julia crossed her arm and turned to the ring, clicking her tongue. "It's not your concern anyway."

"I…" Enji seemed to lose words.

Julia sighed, 'And here he is going to say something stupid.'

"I was about to tell you –" Enji crossed his arm and said.

She said, "it happened a long time ago, I don't care about you. Keep your excuse for yourself."

It had happened when she was a young girl. Because of her Quirk's nature, she had to study under some physics doctor in Japan, and she had met Enji when he had been a young hero. They dated once they met on a robbery incident, and you know the rest.

"Ahem," Enji coughed, "I didn't mean to lie to you, I was about to divorce but she was–"

"Pregnant," Julia didn't look at him and stared at Lee. Good, he is just messing down and taking his time. She continued, "Did I have to hear everything from your son."

Enji's jaw dropped a bit. Whatever he would say, she could predict it anyway.

"I had forgotten a long time ago about it," Julia waved her hand as she looked at the stage. Mocking, she said. "Anyway, did you reach your ambition? All Might is still there as always."

Enji wanted to be number one. But he could only achieve that in a small country like this one.

"No. but even If I don't," Enji face went cold again, "my masterpiece son would complete it."

"Oh, the perfect Quirk you had been trying to create. Good for you." Julia was holding her fist from punching this guy.

'Calm down, you don't want to punch him and expose things here.'

As it seemed, everyone had known about this, except her.

This guy who was unsecured about his moustache hid many things from her and had treated her like a mistress while having family in the back. She was a woman with self-respect after all and didn't accept that fact to be hidden from her.

Old-time, but she didn't care now. Well, few things like this happen in life like meeting the wrong guy and having a kid.

"Anyway, how are you doing," Enji, Aka Endeavour, crossed his arm and observed the ring. "Did you move on?"

"Yep. You, did you create more babies." Julia mocked, making Enji flinch.

"Not at all."

"Oh, look at that." He then observed the rest of the match. "Your kid isn't doing well. Did you cause him some trauma, for him not to use fire until facing the last boss?"

"No. He just doesn't like fire."

Shoto now was using both of his fire and ice. The arena was getting destroyed by it. Lee was dodging easily. The ice did nothing to him, while fire seemed to be absorbed in one point in the air.

Shoto was doing his best. But very soon, Lee seemed to have decided to end this, and Shoto had fists marks appearing on his chest.

"Oh, look at that, Lee Angel flipped the result." The commentary said.

Julia unconsciously lifted her hand. "Nice," she cheered up.

Good one Lee. It's satisfying to see Enji sees his perfect gene's Quirk is nothing compared to him.

"Angel… same as your last name?" Enji, all of the sudden, turned to Julia. He blinked all of the sudden. "He is in the first year, must be…16… we're together seventeen years–"

"Ah, it's not what you think," Julia cut him, "I met another guy after we're separate, he is 15 years old."

She made this excuse as she didn't like to share her beloved kid now.

Shoto fell to the ground. But he struggled to stand up. Poor kid.

"Oh, so that…" Enji's body was about to calm down.

But Present Mic said, "What a match. Despite the two being the same age, they are showing this power! Oh, look! The arena is getting destroyed. Lee, our Half Japanese-British guy is showing what his Quirk can do against fire and ice."

He was loud enough for everyone to hear him.

Julia cursed as she turned to the commentary direction. "Fuck you!" Had he been in front of her, she would beat him up for sure.

Enji suddenly placed an arm on her shoulder. Looking at his eyes, she could see him opening them widely. "You were pregnant at that time, and you vanished, not saying a word."

"Put your hands off!" Julia activated her Quirk and pushed the guy away, making him slide from her several meters. Enji felt some headache and took some time to look normal again.

"Julia…" he hissed and calmed all of the sudden. He didn't want to mess with someone who can physically do more damage than him. "It's a serious thing. 16 years and you didn't say a word!" He then looked to the ring, to see how Shoto was struggling.

The people around were looking at number two hero, pushed by woman, which made him calm down. That would be a hot topic to talk about for sure.

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Julia said. "I didn't want you to affect the child's mentality. Stay away from him. He is good as he is."

"We'll talk about that later." He said.

"Oh trust me," Julia turned to him, "if talk to that kid, he'll beat you for sure. Of course, if you get through me first."

"That won't change any fact that you were pregnant and didn't tell me." He was talking so quietly that anyone around could barely hear him. He then looked at the ring and let a sigh.

"Go and f*** yourself," Julia said and turned to the arena.


Cracking my neck, I looked at Shoto.

The fact that I had to hold back Star Platinum's strength was the only thing that allowed him to stand up.

Shoto had a strong will, I see. But that where it's going to end.

"Now I feel some bad for beating you."

I took a deep breath and walked between the destroyed rocks. Shoto stood up, flames covering him.

"Don't hurt yourself."

"I want to win!"

But all of the sudden, Shoto floated as my Stand held his hands and legs from behind.

Shoto struggled to activate his flames, but Star Platinum didn't allow him to aim them at me as he sucked them with his super-breath.

I walked to the edge of the ring and put him out first, meaning that I won.

When he lost, Shoto lowered his head, before looking at his parent direction and hissing, then he walked away.

Then I turned to the crowd, to Julia and raised a hand. My car is waiting for me now. Julia sighed and gave me a thumb up before forcing a smile.

Weird, that smile, I know when she forces it. No, the car can't affect her mood. Something else is making her mood bad.

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