1 A New Day

"A thousand dreams to be fulfilled; time to get up and go!"

"I set down one foot as I alight from my car, then the other, it's the feet before the body. As I step out, I walk stealthily towards the entrance with my killer dinner gown, badass heels, perfectly made hair, and wonderful makeup.

I walk in through the doors and all eyes are on me, it's not in my habit to arrive late but I love making quite an entrance. I graciously take my seat.

Everyone's wondering about who I am, they might think I'm just some regular girl trying to draw attention, but no; the guest speaker is called, and guess who it is, ME! I make my way to the stage with this aura of authority that surrounds me.

I address the audience and I'm applauded for my magnificent performance. I make my way back to my seat and the party ensues afterward. As I sip the drink served to me, I observe a gentleman coming towards my direction from the corner of my eye..."

" Blessing!... Yes, mummy, " it's my mum again, argh! Someone just had to interrupt, anytime I'm absorbed in my storyline, someone just breaks off the connection. 'I'm coming mummy...'

I move quickly to answer my mum and just as I expected, another annoying errand; things just couldn't get any better. She called me from my room to get for her the remote control on the table not five feet away. Being a child can be annoying most times especially when it comes to errands and parents.

I'm about to lay down to take a nap and I hear my name again, I slump on the bed and start throwing tantrums as I mutter angrily. No choice on my side I have to answer the call, I move sluggishly; about two meters to my destination, I make my grumbled face look neutral.

" Go do the dishes and mop the kitchen afterward, " came the instruction. I look at her for like two seconds then I reply, ' yes, mummy, ' in my mind I'm screaming at her for being such a killjoy but my face still looks neutral. I mechanically move to the kitchen to do the dishes.

I'm bored and sorely vexed and I need to vent my anger, there's no one to relate it to. I begin a conversation with the imaginary audience outside the kitchen window as I do the dishes. I talk about how annoying my mum can be and after airing what's on my mind, I unconsciously switch and start talking about other unnecessary things. I'm talking out loud but who cares? I have a world of my own in this very kitchen.

After what seems like hours, I'm done; I leave the kitchen for my room. I bump into my mum, she's all dressed up and ready to go out. A smile forms on my face, and jubilation occurs in my heart as I internally do my victory dance. As usual, she lists out all the chores I have to get done before she returns home.

I'm like ' no problem mummy '( of course I don't say that out). I tell her yes ma, and then lock the door after her. As soon as she's out of the driveway. I start screaming and jumping around. I race to my room and jump onto my bed, I wriggle, turn from side to side and scream again. I flail my hands, drum my legs on the bed and become calm.

When it feels like I've basked enough in the euphoria of being home alone. I shut my eyes to sleep; of course, after premeditating to quickly finish up the chores once I wake up.

I wake up with a jerk and quickly check the time, I feel like I overslept. I lazily crawl out of bed, stretch from side to side, yawn and begin deliberating on which chore to do.

Loud music is playing with sweat dripping from my body as I'm engaged in my work. I'm singing out loud and I'm in my head again. I'm singing and dancing ridiculously but not in my head.

" I'm on stage, I'm singing and dancing. As I dance, I make a spin, then halt, take few steps forward, place the microphone on its stand, and sing with everything in me, swaying from side to side with the microphone in both hands... "

The music stops suddenly, and my imagination crashes once more. My alarm beeps, a reminder that I should be done with whatever I'm doing. I round up immediately and take a shower.

I dress up in my jeans and polo shirt, I go for a stroll. There's something about the weather that always seems to get to me, I guess it's why I love to take strolls. I feel the sun rays against my skin, the feeling so refreshing; then the gusts of wind coming at me, I inhale it, letting it fill my lungs. I'm basking in the warmth of the sun, the feeling is glorious, so heavenly.

I'm lost in all these feelings and thoughts that I don't see the person walking towards me, I bump into him, and the impact brings me back to the present. I apologize immediately, but it's too late; our contact had caused his phone to fall to the ground, and worse of all it was smashed terribly.

Then it dawned on me, I had spoilt someone's phone and there's no way I could replace it. I lifted my eyes and it locked with him, the expression was no funny one; my face dropped instantly, my look turning to that of who was truly apologetic for the inconvenience.

After that momentary pause, filled with unspoken emotions, then came the outpour of in-depth displeasure. I was left speechless and shocked; I shook out of the faze, few minutes after the young man had left with his phone of course.

After the stroll, I return home and take a rest.

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