1 In her favourite world.

Jenny turned nineteen this year but this year was different from her past years.

Just five days ago she was transferred to this world by this mech system.

This world that she dreamt off, she was finally here but her favourite Avengers, she was not able to meet them till now.

She was a Marvel fan from childhood, she had read about every comic book out there and her favourite superhero was no one but Tony Stark.

She always wanted to meet him in person, since his movie first came out she fell in love with his character.

But even after five days of the transfer, she has no hope of meeting him because her system is just too lousy.

When she first woke up in this world she was in the basement of a damaged building with many other people there.

The building was apparently destroyed in the civil war between the Cap and Tony.

And after three days she was rescued from below the mess and was led to her apartment.

Her name in this world was also Jenny and her parents died during the Avengers vs Chitauri army.

She is currently living in her apartment jobless, previously she worked in Stark industries as an assistant of the radiation department manager.

Although her previous self had met Tony Stark before but current her is not working anymore in the stark industry because of her damaged office.

The biggest relief is that Thanos still has not come to the earth and Tony is still alive.

She was currently living on her compensation given by Stark Industry which was enough for her to live two months without any worries.

But after two months she had to find a new job in order to feed herself.

She checked back at her system in which she had 500 mech points remaining.

Mech points are like the currency of her system which she can earn by completing missions given by the system.

When she woke up in this new world she was given a mission to save all the people with her in the basement.

She also had 20 mech points as a starter pack that time she brought a megaphone worth 15 mech points and then started screaming in it due to which rescue team easily located them.

Although they had X-ray and heat sensors with them. But the loud voice also helped a lot.

Well even with this little effort she earned the most that day compared to rest four days.

The system gave her about 450 mech points from that mission alone.

After that, she had only done missions like saving cats and helping grannies crossing roads, she also had bought a solar gun worth 70 mech points which is obviously changed by solar power, but it's bullet can't kill someone but does hurt a lot and can even make someone unconscious for a whole day.

Tonight she is preparing for a big mission to catch Wesley who is Kingpin's right hand and she has already decided what she will need on this mission.