1 The Awakening

"How do you feel, what ?, you can't hear me, really a shame" a voice asked, but with obvious signs of hatred and disgust.

In a dark room, there were two people, one had a lab coat, who kept writing everything he observed in his diary.

And in front, in the deepest part of the room, behind a transparent screen, which was thick enough to stop the advance of even a tank, was a young man with white hair, who seemed to be sleeping because of his closed eyes, perhaps by that strange respirator that he was connected to.

That young man had an extremely white complexion, as if that young man had never been in the sun. Unfortunately his freedom was completely restricted, by metal rings on all his limbs, which had him attached to the wall.

"... .."

"I suppose very drugged as always, I still do not know how we continue to maintain this phenomenon, but orders are orders" continuing with his work, that subject went to inspect the machinery that kept that mutant immobile, as well as the other artifacts. It was a delicate job, since keeping that mutant contained and alive was a difficult task, especially due to its unique powers.

It was a day like any other, but today would definitely not be a good day. A small blink occurred in the lights, and then all energy in the facilities was terminated. Five seconds passed and nothing happened, in this situation the backup energy was supposed to activate, but nothing happened. The only thing that lit that room was a small flashlight, which was the keychain of that guy.

Without hesitation when acting, the subject who was in charge of maintenance changed his objective and immediately went to assassinate the mutant.

A syringe with a black liquid was enough, but when the tip touched the skin of the mutant, that subject's hand began to tremble, and in the next second the whole arm was in the wrong direction.

A scream was heard throughout the room, the syringe was on the floor, and the subject wanted to escape. But his movements stopped when he saw the eyes of the boy who was hanging on the wall.

"Forgive me" was the last thing that guy said, before all his blood escaped from his body through all his cavities.

The room regained its silence, and from the wall, the sleepy young man did not understand what was happening, but he did not care, his whole mind clouded again, and his eyes closed again to continue sleeping. But not without noticing a noise, accompanied by some silhouettes that approached from the door.

... ..

"Wake up, you're in a safe place"

A calm voice interrupted the sleep of the white-haired mutant. But now everything felt different, everything felt more vertical.

The light hit directly into his eyes, in a hazy feeling still hovering over the white-haired man, but he still managed to compose himself a bit.

"What Happens" were the first words that came out of his mouth, his memories were hazy, and his throat felt extremely dry, "But a glass of water could be a good start."

From a better perspective, the place where the white-haired man was, was the opposite of the last thing he saw, a white room, without a speck of dust, where the white-haired man rested on a comfortable bed. But you could also see a lot of medical items, but nothing was connected to the white-haired mutant.

"Take it, be careful"

The mutant's thoughts returned to the second person who was in that place. "Bald" and in a wheelchair, but he just said bald.

"It seems your eyesight is fine, that's good news" with still a calm voice, the person in front of the white-haired mutant had a glass of water in his hand.

A bald man in a wheelchair was something that was known to the white-haired mutant, but thirst was a primary need.

Moving his arms, the mutant realized that he felt very weak, he could not bend down, but help came immediately.

"Easy, the bed tilts" with a button next to the bed, the white-haired mutant managed to bend over. But his body still felt very heavy.

"I think a sherbet would help, something tells me that I will not be able to hold that glass" without despair, the mutant began to think more clearly, unknowns began to form inside his head, but one step at a time.

Noticing his mistake, the man in the wheelchair set a table with a glass of water that now had a straw.

Without waiting, the mutant went for his goal, but another inopportune event happened, when it didn't matter when he sucked, no drop of water reached the mutant's mouth.

"...…" The mutant looked up, and there was the bald guy who was looking at him patiently.

It didn't seem like a bad joke, but the mutant changed his focus and stretched his tongue directly, but he still didn't feel anything, but his eyes told him there was water.

A careless movement caused the glass to turn, causing all the water to fall on top of the mutant, but strangely he did not feel wet.

"Either I lost sensitivity, or something is really wrong with my eyes"

Using a cloth to dry the mutant, the wheelchair subject began to speak, "It's much more complicated than that, I just hope you can breathe deeply and slowly"



Five hours, it took me a while to get some water, not because my body was very weak, but because of a strange mutation inside my body that prevented any liquid from entering his mouth. But I think I said it wrong, if not that my powers worked 24 hours, and it was a totally involuntary action.

And surprisingly that was the simple part, starting with the person I was talking to was Professor Charles Xavier himself. It was when I remembered it, I didn't remember everything, only that Professor Charles Xavier was a fictional creation.

Obviously this brought up many more questions, the main one being how I got to that place, unfortunately there was no way to get that information, but also another problem came, since I didn't want them to read my mind, because I definitely didn't want to explain that he was only a fictitious person where I come from, but some luck came, the professor said that I was immune, good news.

And one of the bad things was that I had no idea what happened to this body, or maybe I was reborn in this body and kept my memories, or maybe it came recently, it was difficult to determine, since this body was in a laboratory since he was born, hence the muscle weakness.

There was some information about where they found me, and this brought doubts to the professor, since I knew how to speak, well, I pretended dementia, in any case Professor Charles did not continue with the subject, I really seem just a sad boy, that's something in my favor, but I don't know how long that would work, so I focused on what I could do, and that was something to get this body back, as well as understand my powers, when everything is ready, then I can ask myself the question again how I got here.

So let's go with the first, I am 14 years old, white hair, quite long, I had to do something about it, I also wanted to see my face, quite decent, I do not remember how he looked at me in my other life, but I do not complain, surprisingly I had the impression that I would have red eyes or something similar, they are black, better for me, but I definitely have to do something with my body, walking is a nuisance, sleeping is a nuisance, eating is a nuisance, food is not It tastes like nothing and it causes me a lot of pain, but small details, at least I'm alive, although if it wasn't for the pain I would say that maybe this is a pretty realistic dream.

"I see that you recover quickly Bruno" there came the second person I spoke with so far, Dr. Henry Philip "Hank" McCoy, or as it is widely remembered, 'Beast', but today he looks quite normal, a Caucasian man of almost 30 years old who had thick glasses and walked in his white coat.

Yes, Bruno seems to be my name, without a surname, it doesn't really matter at the moment, but the arrival of Dr. Mccoy brought me a bad feeling, something in the doctor's micro-expressions warned me.

"All good, but some good news could improve my day" I sat down as I put my cane aside. My powers helped me not feel weight, so with a little balance a cane was enough to move.

I could see that the discomfort on Doctor Mccoy's face increased, today it doesn't seem like it was my lucky day.

"Actually I came to tell you some things, I have finished gathering all the information we obtained from the place where we found you, I have some good news, like they only kept you captive and did not carry out any kind of experiment"

That was good news, I was already afraid that something strange had been done to me, but I kept silent, Dr. Mccoy had a few more things to say.

"But we found very bad news, they kept you alive with a synthetic drug that provided you with the minimum supplements to live, that you breathed by air, that kept you in a state of balance, that prevented you from being aware to use your powers, since that according to what I read, your powers began to get out of control when your life was in danger, quite interesting, if they had not found you when you were a baby then it would have been impossible to imprison you, I am still surprised, your body is a mystery, any kind of energy is repelled by your body, and I'm really excited to do some tests "I saw the Doctor start going in the wrong direction, so I faked a small cough.

Seeing his mistake, Dr. Mccoy put on a serious face again, "In short, the compound that kept you alive is a very addictive drug, I did some simulations, and although I can't access any blood samples, my tests showed that you should have a dangerous degree of dependency, and since you lived your whole life with that drug, according to my calculations tomorrow you should feel the symptoms of withdrawal, and although it is only a conservative approach, the shock could drive you crazy, and in a prolonged situation I could kill you, I'm really sorry "

Oh shit, that is bad news, "That sounds bad, and I suppose there is no cure for his expression, but I want to believe that he found some measure, right?", The situation looked bad, but the expression of Doctor Mccoy it showed hints of a small plan.

The Doctor took something out of his pocket, "Something like that, I could modify the drug a little, to reduce the effects, and start a detoxification treatment, but it was a very addictive drug as it was dangerous, the rodents in which they were tested gained a dependency extreme, I still have more trials to do, but if you want to heal completely, it will take years, and most importantly, a will of steel, or maybe more "

It's only been a day since I arrived, and I really didn't feel that bad, but a warning was a warning, and I really don't remember how strong my will was, so I just took the spray, "Let's see what happens, maybe not it's so bad "

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