1 Transmigration

'Sigh another rejection, when is this going to end, I am really tired' i couldn't help but think to myself. How every moment of my life has gone bad.

Ever since I have graduated, I have been faced with constant rejection. I got rejected by the police force, it was a dream job for me, I wanted to help out the general public, as well as to earn respect and a bit of authority and voice.

But I was rejected, so I decided to go for the military route, I won't be able to interact with the public, but will still protect them.

Fate had other plans and I was once again repeatedly rejected, I tried a few other routes but in the end, nothing worked.

"Hey, kid! watch out" I heard someone call out and saw an old man calling out to a kid who was running towards the street, he seems to be chasing a running man

I heard a loud honk, a bus was speeding towards the duo, the driver was trying his best to stop, judging from his expressions, he has lost control over the brakes.

I couldn't just let the idiotic kid and that despicable guy who was also running to die just like that, maybe the guy is a thief or something.

I lowered myself and ran at full speed ahead as if I just saw an ad for a fifty per cent discount on a grocery store.

Before I knew it I was already near the kid and in front of the bus, I knew I couldn't get her out of the way with me, so I decided to deliver a Sparta kick and sent the kid rolling, who directly smashed into the guy who was running in front of her.

I think I hear a crack sound as I died, though maybe that was my bones breaking.

After who knows how long I opened my eyes, I finally opened my eyes again, I looked around, lying in a bed that wasn't my own.

Suddenly I experienced a very huge pain in my head and could help but throw myself back inside the bed I woke up from.


I felt someone barge into my room but was too much in pain to notice who it was. Gradually I calmed down and felt foreign memories that weren't my own.

It seems like I have been reincarnated or transmigrated or whatever the hell this is.

My name is Jack Silver. a unique name with very unique silver hair to go with it. I am a white male born in the USA. New York queens to be exact.

Currently, I am 10 years old.

I also remember a certain billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist who has as much cash as I have breathed my whole two lifetimes combined or more.

it seems I have been reincarnated into the world of Marvel, though I hope I am just being overly paranoid and this is just a simple MCU and not a comic one or some shitty AU.

I just hope I can survive in this place, being a policeman or military is out of the question since I know what's out there and that I don't have a chance out there

Maybe I am a genius and might make a Serum to make me strong or if this is a mutant world, I might get power or I might just be a great sorcerer and stuff.

"Son! you are awake" I look up and see a middle-aged woman who also has silver hair just like me and remember who she is.

Her name is Martha silver. she is my mother and my only closest relative, we have a few other relatives but none are in NY.she is a very kind woman if my memories are anything to go by.

She told me how she was worried about me and called an ambulance, which will now return empty-handed since I am fine, definitely not because I hate hospitals.

After assuring my mother that I am completely fine, I finally lay down on my bed and think about what to do.

The memory that I have received is very lifelike for me, so I don't feel distanced from my family, my only family.

[Binding to host in 10 seconds]

'Huh! what's this, am I getting a system?' I couldn't help as j waved my hands in front of the virtual window that opened up in front of me , along with the voice in my head.

[Congratulations to host on successfully binding with the Template system]

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