49 Chapter 49

The familiar sound of the school bell rang as Jack made his way through the crowds of students, he was as alienated as ever, Weaving through the crowd he got to his first class and sat down.At least that was what he thought

"Ah! I missed this" said Jack as he relaxed on his chair, He was especially happy about his high school since he knew that he wouldn't be leaving this place anytime soon, at least not for two to three years.

Especially because he knew that his friend in high school can't leave school as long as Aunt May is alive

"Oh, that reminds me, I should be on a lookout once he becomes 15 years old, I am pretty sure that he gets his powers around that time, though it might differ, it won't hurt to be careful"

"Who gets what!"

"Ah!" Suddenly Jack hears a sound from behind him and immediately turns back to find Gwen dangerously close to him

'Ah fuck' he thought as he gained a bit of distance

Gwen noticed and chuckled, causing Jack to chuckle in response. Jack couldn't help but be a little nervous around her, he did have a slight crush on her in his previous life, even though he kept thinking she wasn't his type.

"So what game is it, or some kind of movie drama," asked Gwen

"Ah, pfft, it's nothing, don't worry about it"

Jack made an unsuccessful attempt at evading the question

"What are you hiding Jack," Gwen asked him slowly, Jack could feel some sweat streaking down his spine, it was like a miracle since his uniform was anti-sweat charmed.

The fact that no one was in class was another thing to worry about, fortunately, the friendly neighbourhood not spiderman yet came to save the day.

"Yo! Peter, come, I saved a seat for you"Jack quickly hollered at Peter who gave back a smile, not understanding since he was surprisingly early today.

"Uh, thanks," Peter said awkwardly and took a seat, he greeted Gwen as well who greeted him back as well

The place descended into silence before Peter decided to ask him something,

"Hey are you thinking of going to the Stark expo"

"Stark What!" Jack was once again surprised, which surprised Peter

"Yeah, it's not till mid-year but the things are still gonna happen"

'Oh my God, that means the events of Thor and Hulk are not that far, what am I gonna do' thought Jack.

'Should I postpone learning magic and go full-on Midoriya' thought Jack as he answered Peter

"Haha, Yeah I am planning on going, Dont tell me you already have tickets," asked Jack

"Nah, Only the bigwigs have them at this moment, but I heard that we can get ours in a month or so," Told Peter but then remembered about Jacks mother

"Hey! isn't your mom a bigwigs scientist at Oscorp as well," asked Peter

"Yea sure she is, but she doesn't mention her work too much, all I know is she is a major biochemist and geneticist at the place"

"So your mom works at Oscorp and she is a scientist as well, man, I am so jealous" At this moment, Gwen intervened

" Umm, yeah, is it so surprising," asked Jack

"Hell! it is surprising if Stark is at top of Power and energy, then Oscorp is at top of anything medical and genetic, though I guess now its that Alchemist association or whatever it called" answered Gwen, though Jack noticed that Gwen was a little snarky when she mentioned his works

"Why Are you not satisfied with AA," asked Peter

Gwen was stumped but then told her reasons

"Nah, it's not that I am not alright with it, it's a nice organization, but what happens if something goes wrong, I mean, all we know is that it is made by some vigilante and if something were to happen no one is answerable, all it would take is a bad case and the potions and everything will be banned by the government"

"Yeah, I guess you are right, but Cedric isn't some vigilante, he doesn't we're a mask, he has an identity," said Jack, The name wasn't a Secret since many people knew it

Gwen laughed it off as she took out her books and," What identity, he has no identity, my Father is a policeman, and he told us that the guy appeared out of nowhere, he doesn't exist, at this rate, maybe his real face isn't even what he shows, maybe its some voodoo thing"

Jack was simplified by what he heard, he felt like Gwen had a personal vendetta against him, but he couldn't come at her aggressively since it might raise some question

'Well, at least Peter likes me, and that hotdog seller on Jonah's channel as well' Jack took out his books and got ready for the lecture

"Hey! how about we go for some Pizza after school," Asked Gwen

"Sure, we are both free as hell, right Peter," said Jack as he passed Peter a smile

Jack knew Peter had a thing for the blonde so he didn't want to intrude, according to Jack, although he liked her in his previous life, she wasn't the only one.


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