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Walking through the halls of the shield base in New York. Nick Fury prided himself at the sight of multiple employees and agents moving to make way for him. It took him years of countless work to get to this position as the director that he's currently in today. In fact, it took him decades of hard work.

He went through hell and back for this organisation.

He even had to lose his original body due to the plot of a certain criminal madman developed by Zola who switched his original body to another one.

It took him the help of his underground connections with Charles Xavier to prove his real identity to the higher-ups and deal with the hydra. Even with Charles Xavier and Peggy Carter vouching for him, he still had to work a lot to prove his innocence.

In the end it paid off, and even though he pulled a reversed Michael Jackson, he likes this body more than his old one as this one was better physically with the only limit of making him bald thanks to the super soldier serum in his blood.

Though his youthful appearance couldn't be compared to people like the wolverine and Black Widow, both of whom have been active since the second world war still retaining their youthful appearance. One thanks to his mutation and the other due to the super soldier serum.

He's still not happy that wolverine didn't accept his offer to work for shield, but didn't go after him as he still had connection with him and had drinks occasionally as old acquaintances.

Black Widow on the other hand though, had morals unlike her old employers and is now working for the Shield.

The only thing that makes him irritated now is the growth of powerful new people and the change in the era.

He had eyes and ears all around the world and knew very well about the sudden burst in the number of super powered individuals, which may be due to the X-factor or anything else. And he felt the era change too.

It scared him, he thought he knew it all. After witnessing and experiencing the feats of the marvel couple first hand, he thought his world views couldn't be broken any further.

But here he was, shocked once again.

He knew how fragile and weak the current humanity was, and the highest threat to it was humanity itself. With his long experience he knew how much the winners change history and how power corrupts.

The fellow soldiers who fought with him in the war to put an end to the senseless deaths, became political figures and instigated violence for their own benefits.

And he couldn't do anything just by himself, it made him realise his own weakness and the collective ignorance of humanity and the ones in power. Ignorance of the wide threat outside the whole Earth.

The Earth is too important, according to Captain Marvel it is special. So it should move up in the food chain before the otherworldly threats start acting.

And the quickest solution to that to him was to form a group of extraordinary individuals to protect it from any form of threat.

The avengers initiative, his own idea.

It was never implemented due to the disagreements between the higher-ups and himself as they wanted the Avengers to be under them while he wanted them to be a separate organisation funded by the UN.

But now there was a chance.

The first hero, Captain America, was finally awake from his years long sleep. He was the chance Fury wanted to meet.

He considered him to be the greatest asset possible, and the one who is worthy to lead the avengers.

Captain America may not be the strongest, but he certainly had a value that none of the weapons or agents had. He was the man who ended the war which could've ended far differently if it wasn't for him.

A whole ass war.

He changed the whole weapons industry too.

Even with the death of the man who made his serum, every military on this planet is constantly researching for ways to create that super soldier serum. Many failed to re-create it successfully, like the Oscorp or Bruce Banner. One lost his contract, while the other became a raging monster chased by Ross.

He knew that wasn't the only threat either, mutants are also a big threat. Especially omega-level ones with no ceiling to the growth of their power.

The one he's scared of the most is definitely Erik, or more famously known as, Magneto. 

The current shield has no guaranteed way to win against him, even if they somehow manage to capture him and put him on a collar after getting past his brotherhood, they will have to deal with Charles who won't let go of his friend.

While their ideals collide, Charles and Erik, both will step up for each other when one is in danger as both of their final goals are the welfare of mutants.

It was the reason why nobody dies when both of their teams fight. They know their population is too small to go around killing each other. Even though Erik's methods are cruel, he hardly kills a mutant.

But it wasn't possible, as long as the people on the top were still the same.

All they care about is money and power, which is the reason they don't go after Charles as he is a billionaire himself and has contact with Furry and the many other military heads. While Mageto would be happy to rip the iron out of any higher-ups he sees.

Furry was snapped out of his thoughts by a loud sound.

He noticed the huge 60 KG punch bag that came flying off towards his direction. He saw Steve panting with his arms extended. The bag fell down metres before him with a hole in the middle.

"What problem do you have with a punching bag of all things?" Fury asked as he entered the room.

Steve turned towards Fury and nodded, "Sir" and continued to pick up another punching back which was nearby with ease.

"The punching bag isn't the thing I have a problem with sir". Steve said as he hung the bag on the hook. 

"Then? What's the problem?"

"Me." Steve sighed as he continued while punching, "I'm the problem. I shouldn't be here, not today, not in this era, I should've died." 

'Precise and quick movements, each blow on the same rhythm but powerful enough to crack bones.' Furry noted. 'He's still the best'.

"I think you're here for a reason captain…" Fury started, "It's probably fate."

"Reason? If it was too freezing in ice for over 60 years and being alone with everyone I knew dead had a reason it better be worth it" Steve finished with a heavy punch which sent the punching back flying off as its chain broke.

"Oh it'll be worth it alright." Fury smirked as he placed the files on the table nearby.

Steve's expression instantly changed to a serious one as he recognised the familiar symbol of the red octopus on the picture in the file. He picked it up and read its contents.

"How…" He muttered in shock, at the modern picture of the red skull, "I KILLED HIM!!"

"Are you sure?" Fury asked back, "even if we aren't sure if he's really alive, that is the only hard evidence we have that he's alive except some rumours. It could be someone mimicking him. "

"He should still be dead of age…" Steve muttered, still in disbelief at the thoughts that all of his comrad's sacrifices were for nothing.

"You should adapt to the current era captain, nothing is normal here and that is the current 'normal'." Fury patted on his shoulder, "I recommend you to stop expecting stuff. And I know many people who have lived since the world war. Including me."

"You're right…" Steve nodded, "Maybe this is fate." He said, looking at the blurred picture of the Red Skull taken from a long distance.



Standing before the huge building with a large 'BANE'S KITCHEN' sign in front of it, Victor entered inside his father's restaurant after finishing school.

"Victor?" A woman's voice called out, recognising Victor.

"Oh, Aunt Cass? Didn't expect to see you here." Victor looked at his neighbour and greeted her.

"Takashi said he wanted to go out so I took them here." Cass smiled as a black-haired boy who hid behind Cass's legs peaked to look at Victor.

"Hi! You must be Takashi, nice to meet you." Victor smiled and crouched down to pat on Takashi's head.

"Hi…" Takashi replied back nervously.

"Then we'll be on our way Victor, tell your dad the food was good!" She said and left the restaurant.

'Damn…' Victor couldn't help but whisper as he watched her sway her ass while walking away. 'I swear she's doing it on purpose'

He shook his head and went inside the kitchen to meet his dad who was cooking busily as the customers slowly started to come.

"Hey dad." Victor called out.

His voice broke David out of his concentration, making him notice his son's presence.

"Oh, what brings you here Victor? Got into trouble?" David asked as he continued to cook.

"Nothing. Just wanted to talk and ask about something."

"Ohh you asking me? That's new?" David got interested as he washed his hands and wiped them on a towel nearby. Eager to hear what his son was curious about, "ask me anything. I'm ready to answer."

"I'm planning to take this girl out, so which place do you recommend for the first date?" Victor asked directly, it was bugging him for a while. He wanted to take Fubuki out somewhere, but didn't know where to.

So he turned to the only person with a successful romantic life he knew of, his dad.

"What?" David, on the other hand, was shocked.

His introverted son whom he thought was uninterested in anything actually asked a girl out.

It was actually happening.

"Are you crying?" Victor looked at the tears forming on his father's eyes and was weirded out.

"These are tears of joy…" David wiped his tears before they could leak, "I thought that you were uninterested in women and came to terms with the fact that our bloodline may end with you, so this news brings me joy of a level that I can't express."

"Forget it." Victor just shook his head in embarrassment and walked away leaving everyone in the kitchen confused. "Thank god aunt Cass left."

"What's gotten into him? He never heard the answer" David asked confusedly and looked at one of his chefs, "You have a son right? Is that normal behaviour?"

"I don't know, but it's better than him doing drugs right?" 

"Never mind." Hearing the answer David just went back to cooking, not even bothering to think about what happened anymore.

Not noticing the multiple pairs of blue eyes that slowly disappeared into his shadows, it was the reason Victor came to his restaurant at this time. He wanted some of his shadow soldiers to be with his parents for their protection.

He already went to his mother's office to leave some shadows with her, not much, 2000 Shadow soldiers from the original Sung Jin-Woo's army, each being different, from orcs to giants. After achieving 100% assimilation with Sung, Victor also got his shadow army for himself which numbered over 10 million. 

Making him the person with the strongest army in the whole world.

His father also got the same amount of security as his mom. Victor certainly didn't hold back and made sure of their security, Cortana also monitors both of them 24/7 in case something bad happens.

As the only people in the world Victor truly loves, he did everything possible to ensure their security secretly.


-Victor Bane's POV-

"Honestly…What did I even expect from him?" I sighed in disappointment at myself for thinking my dad would have a great recommendation.

I should have known to not expect anything more from a guy whose definition of Rizzing up a girl is by making her good food. Which would work if I knew how to cook.

"Hey Cortana, how are the 'autobots' rolling around?" I asked my trusted assistant while starting my bike to go back home.

[If by 'autobots' you mean mass transformation of all of our machineries into a sentient creature, then I'd say it's about half way done]

Have to say, she's learning quickly about my terms and intentions even while having no knowledge about it. That's the smartest computer for you I guess.

At the moment I have no real threat to worry about, I have surveillance of almost the whole globe and strength wise, I'm confident I'd best almost all heroes. And even fighting an army won't be a problem thanks to my shadow army.

The feeling of being strong is really great. Though I know there are people that could kill me at the moment with just a thought, I'll worry about that later.

"And how about 'Batman'?" I asked her about another one of our projects.

[Except 'Samuel J' and 'RDJ' the rest of the Class-S threats have been put under my surveillance]

"Good. Make sure the rest are also under our sight, always"


No way I'm letting people who can turn crazy in a night not under my surveillance. 

For now I have to worry about making my intentions clear to Fubuki.


-Fubuki's POV-


Should I continue wearing just this plain dress? I feel like I've never worn anything else. And Cortana also just filled my closet with this dress, which doesn't help.

I got off my comfy bed and looked at myself in the full-body mirror in my room. I don't think this dress really looks bad on me.

It's comfy and highlights my curves better, which makes Victor stare at it while he thinks I'm not looking.

Which is why I wonder if he likes my dress or not? Obviously he likes me… I think and I definitely like him.

After all, which woman couldn't like him?

He's hot, smart, powerful, rich and practically owns me. And his touch makes me crave for more each time I'm close to him.

I wonder if this is love? Or am I just horny? And how does he feel about me?

He told me he's just 17 and I'm almost 24…. Will he think I'm too old for him? I know for a fact that he eyes me a lot… but I still am doubtful…

"Hey Cortana, how attractive does Victor think I am? On a scale to 10" I decided to ask my only company here.

[By this the Victor's standard, you'd be 10]


10!? A full score? Does he think I'm perfect?

"Are you sure?" I asked her, just in case she was lying.

[By my observations, yes. He is sexually attracted to you]

"Sexually…." I muttered like a fool, imagining us doing it. He'll take my first time… It will be special…

"No!" I shook my head to stop thinking anymore, I shouldn't believe a robot's prediction!

She may be the smartest computer to exist and be able to stimulate a galaxy, but no! She's still a computer and can't predict how a human would feel!

So no! I can't believe that!

What if I make a move on Victor and he gets disgusted with me? Our whole relationship could be ruined!

And that's the last thing I want.


"Why am I blushing like this?" I looked at my red face in the mirror. 

"What are you doing?"

"Ehh!" I shout in surprise.

It was Victor who came to my room probably by teleporting as there is no portal visible.

"Don't do that! What if I was changing or something else!?" I yell at him, just thinking that is making me embarrassed.

"Now that you mention…" He said back with a sly smile.

"If you do that I'll…" I start to threaten him with something before realising, I have no way to do anything bad to him.

He looked at me curiously as if asking, 'What can you do?'

"Nevermind" I just look away in embarrassment.

[Victor, Fubuki asked me if you are sexually attracted to her.]

!!! I look at the robo bitch in shock! This goddamn snitch!

Turning towards Victor I try to come up with a reasonable lie. But he was already looking at me with surprised eyes.

"Really?" He asked me.

"Uh- no?.." I tried lying but knew it was already too late. "Yeah?"

"Wasn't it obvious? Of course I am." He replied so casually.

Oh…. was that obvious?


"Yeah. Wanna go out?"

Was this supposed to be this easy? I thought asking someone out was hard?


Xavier Institute.

Professor Charles Xavier, the world renowned researcher and the principal and founder of his institute for the mutants who need a place to call home.

At the moment, he was in his most secret room. The cerebro room.

Cerebro is a device that is able to enhance his rage of telepathy, making him able to even observe anyone within the range of the whole planet in some cases. It was made by his friend, and fellow mutant, Henry 'Hank' McCoy. Which is later improved with the help of his new student Jean Grey.

Like usual, he operated on the cerebro this morning. He always does it once every 3 days to look out for any dangers or emergencies in case a mutant needs help.

But out of nowhere, he felt a large, immense and intense amount of energy appear out of nowhere on Earth, especially New York. It was almost impossible for him to even observe whom that energy belonged to, all he could gather was that it was a woman.

And his efforts to probe in deeper just made it excruciatingly painful for him to even breathe and made him feel dizzy.

In the end his efforts were useless as the cerebro sparked, as smoke leaked from it along with a loud siren buzzing around it.

"Oh my god!"



A group appeared minutes after the alarm rang, as the closed door was clawed out by none other than the Wolverine himself.

The others were Hank, Jean who were nearby in Hank's room.

"Professor? Are you alright?" Jean asked as she took off the helmet from her professor's head as Hank turned it off.

"Haaa… haaa… I'm alright… It's the cerebro that overloaded… a new mutaht…. She overloaded it." 



"Haaa…" Victor sighed at what was currently happening in front of him. 'This is nothing like I expected.'

"Hey, why are you looking at me like that?" Fubuki asked back. Behind her were 3 guys laying on the floor with twisted limbs and necks.

"Isn't this too much?" Victor asked as he raised his palms above the corpses of the guys, "ARISE"

"Hmph, they flirted with me on their own violation!" Fubuki justified her action. She was pissed at them for ruining her mood, when Victor went out with her for the first time. But soon realised, "Wait, should I have not done that?"

"Well they were pieces of shit so I don't really care, but don't do that again." Victor said that, but was happy on the inside because he would've done something worse. 

"Hmm." Fubiki nodded with a smile and hugged Victor's arm, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Woah… aren't you too fast?" Victor asked.

"Well, I'm free to do whatever in this world, unlike my old one where I had an image to maintain around." She replied happily, "Why? Do you mind?"

"No." Victor replied honestly, "In fact I like it this way."

"Do you like it here?" Victor asked her, not even batting an eye at the people who stared at him and her.

"Yeah, having access to everything I want while doing nothing is great!" She replied cheerfully.

"Well it certainly shows." He smiled, "And doing nothing is just for a while, you'll soon have to work."

"Really? What kind of work exactly? I remember you said it would be similar to my previous job, but how similar? I don't see monsters running around the cities of this weird world." Fubuki asked curiously, her view of the world was a chaotic mess filled with power-hungry people.

So as she learned more about this world, she just found it more and more weird. And found Victor ever weirder as he did almost nothing with his power.

"You'll soon see." Victor smiled back mysteriously, not answering her question.

"Urgh, I hate surprises." Fubuki just turned away in annoyance. "Just-" She started to speak but stopped. Feeling something bugging her mind.

"What?" Victor looked at her in question as she stopped walking and looked at the floor.

"I felt something enter my mind just now… though I pushed it away subconsciously." Fubuki said while holding her forehead, feeling weird.

'Fuck' Victor immediately perked up, realising his mistake of not making something that would hide Fubuki's presence from the world completely like him, though he just uses his power to be 'invisible' to any kind of senses.

"Are you alright?" He asked her while keeping an eye around, expecting anything to attack them.

Noticing Victor's sudden alertness, Fubuki also became alert of their surroundings and replied, "I'm fine, should I expect something?"

"Yeah. probably a bald guy"