1 Chapter 1: My Wife, Hela

Ye Bai felt very lucky.

He was a traverser who accidentally crossed into the very dangerous Marvel universe.

When he just came, there was no power, no technology, and no system.

But now Ye Bai had a perfect wife named Hela.

Although the name sounds like that of the Eldest princess of Asgard. Hela was completely different from that aunt. She just had the same name.

Hela's features were exquisite. She was tall, and she had an amazing s-shaped figure. She was a goddess.

Except for being a little cold, there were no other shortcomings.

"Why are you staring at me?"

At the dining table, Hela frowned and questioned Ye Bai.

Ye Bai had been staring at her, making her a little embarrassed.

"Hela, I found that the longer I spend with you, the better you look. I don't know if it's my illusion." Ye Bai said with a smile and didn't hesitate to compliment her.

Hela blushed and became a little shy after hearing what Ye Bai said. However, she quickly glanced at Ye Bai, and there were a lot of amorous feelings in her eyes.

"Glib tongue, hurry up and eat."

She said that, but the corners of her mouth rose slightly, and it was obvious that Ye Bai's praise was successful.

Ye Bai also smiled slightly and enjoyed the breakfast that he had carefully prepared.

The porridge with preserved eggs and meat was carefully boiled and garnished with some chopped green onions. Along with perfectly fried eggs and freshly squeezed soy milk, it was a simple but nutritious breakfast.

"You have to go out today, right, be careful on the road. It's been a little dangerous lately." Swallowing the preserved egg and lean meat porridge, Hela instructed Ye Bai.

Although the tone was still so cold, the concern was almost overflowing.

"Don't worry, I'm just going out to talk about the copyright of "Lord of The Rings", it's okay."

"I will probably be back by noon, and then I'll cook ribs for you."

Ye Bai said with a smile so that Hela didn't worry too much about him.

As for the copyright of "Lord of the Rings"...

This Traverser had no abilities, so he could only act as a copywriter.

Ye Bai earned this seaside manor where he lived with Hela by copying books.

"I have eaten, and I will go back to my room and rest."

Hela was not in good health because of an injury and often needed rest.

After breakfast in the morning, Hela usually went back to the room to sleep in, and today was no exception.

"Wait a minute, don't move."

Ye Bai stopped Hela, who got up and asked her to stand still and don't move.

Then, under Hela's gaze, Ye Bai gently wiped away the traces left on Hela's mouth when she drank the porridge.

"Okay, take a good rest."

Hela's shiny white face visibly turned red and tender.

After giving Ye Bai a reproaching look, Hela ran back upstairs.

Ye Bai smiled, not caring about his wife's embarrassment, he cleaned up the dining table.

Although everything that should have happened between husband and wife had happened, she was still shy in front of him, just like a little girl.

Hela was the eldest daughter of Odin, the king of Asgard, and the first heir to the throne of Asgard.

For some reason, Hela broke up her relationship with Odin and was sealed by him.

It was not until recently that Hela escaped from the seal, but she was severely wounded. She hid in Midgard, which was Earth. Then she was helped by Ye Bai.

Thinking about Ye Bai's affectionate action in the morning, Hela's heartbeat increased.

Too shameful, she was a famous killer in the Nine Realms, symbolizing the existence of death.

When had someone molested her like this?

In the past, other men would die in Hela's hands as long as they looked at her.

However, Hela's heart was not disgusted with Ye Bai's intimacy. On the contrary, there was faint enjoyment.

This feeling of love, Hela had never tried but surprisingly she was not disgusted.


Driving Ferrari's latest sports car, Ye Bai drove out of the manor where he and Hela lived.

As for the copyright, it was natural that Ye Bai wouldn't just copy the book "Lord of the Rings".

Ye Bai had not left anything that was even a little bit famous, such as "A Song of Ice and Fire", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Hunger Games", "Twilight" and so on.

Relying on the manuscript fees earned by copying books, Ye Bai had an amazing net worth of billions and ranked in upper-class society.

Today, Ye Bai was about to talk with a film company about film adaptation rights of " Lord of the Rings".

With Ye Bai's wealth, he rarely went out alone under normal circumstances. It was completely reasonable to hire eight to ten bodyguards.

Ye Bai did that until he met Hela.

It wasn't that Hela would protect his safety. With his wife's delicate body, Ye Bai was the one protecting Hela.

After picking up Hela, Ye Bai's system had suddenly awakened.

Waking up every morning, he would get many weird rewards.

"Tom Cat's experience of catching a mouse."

"Liqun cigarettes that you can never finish smoking."

"A hairpin worn by a magical girl."

"The porcelain bowl Irelia smashed when she was a child."


In addition to these useless rewards, there were some very valuable rewards too.

"The Big Wolf's Science and Technology Encyclopedia."

"Little Master's cooking Experience."

"Drifting cornering skills that never roll over."

"Kryptonian General Zod's body Template."

Especially the body template of General Zod. This was the cause of Ye Bai's confidence to be alone without bodyguards.

Although it had not been long since he obtained the General Zod's body template and had not absorbed much sunlight.

But on the current Earth, it was completely enough.

After all, even Iron Man had not been born now, and a certain purple sweet potato was still floating in the universe.

As for being a hero, Ye Bai had never thought about it.

He just wanted to live peacefully ad happily with his wife, Hela. That was enough.

Whether a superhero saved the world or not, wasn't the wife more important?

If it was a big deal. Like when the purple sweet potato comes to the earth in the future, it was not too late for Ye Bai to show up.

Ye Bai believed that by then, he would definitely be able to easily kill the purple sweet potato.

While thinking about these things, Ye Bai drove his Ferrari sports car skillfully overtaking one car after another, and soon came to the entrance of the film company.

After stopping the sports car, Ye Bai tidied his clothes and stepped into the elevator.

For a book writer, a film adaptation was definitely a large income, so it should be taken seriously.

Upstairs, a group of sturdy people in black with fierce gleams in their eyes looked at Ye Bai below...

"The target has arrived, get ready!"

One black-clothed man said viciously to the others through the walkie-talkie.

Obviously, the film copyright this time was not as simple as Ye Bai imagined.

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